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  1. I'm being honest, I'm trying, but everything seems terribly ridiculous. After the last meeting with my SM, who told me to be very careful with communication, which collects data through AI, I realized that it's impossible for me. Most of my clients are Italian, and they communicate in a very formal way, which is a negative aspect for AI, so the solution would be to respond like a bot and not like a sentient being. Tired and resigned, I will go back to working in some agency, it doesn't make sense to sacrifice so much anymore.
  2. By necessity I don't use them all together, but the macbook is my main tool, followed by the ipad. The pc, I use for COD. Grogu helps me not to lose hope.
  3. Hi Kesha. I usually listen to rep, especially Italian. For starters I often listen to Cookies 'n Cream by Gue (In this last period, I will change in some time).
  4. Yes, and the credibility of the platform itself. I suffered from the same thing, and now I am Level 0 and was Top Rated until 6 months ago. There are so many Top sellers in my category, (graphic designer) offering terrible work, but they stay Top and sell a lot. It is something nonsensical
  5. I do not want to pursue conspiracy theories, but in the period from March to April 2023, I received several orders in which the requests were confusing and the customers did not respond. When they did deliver, they replied with a revision request, leaving no meaningful comment. I read a few days ago that this method was used towards other sellers. Honestly, I would like the support to listen to me, I am one of the few designers in that category who has skills, talent, I went to the academy of fine arts. I find everything accauded to me out of touch with reality
  6. The revisions, and the fact that I have many Italian customers, may have had an impact on my current score, which I find really unreasonable. In the meantime, I will lose my Level 2 (I was also Top Rated for almost 3 years previously) and go to 0. Furthermore, my metrics are also commensurate with profiles run, ostensibly by individual professionals, but which are actually agencies, shouldn't this be considered unfair competition? They are not even transparent with buyers in this way.
  7. It looks like a questionnaire about Fiverr as a platform, not about the seller. Mamma mia!
  8. It's an ethical as well as a regulatory concern. There is no seriousness, no fairness, and not even respect for the seller and the buyer. Such an unfair system cannot in any way enhance the quality of the service. So for this reason, I feel deeply misled.
  9. This data is partially present in the app. I can't find them on the website. But they will also be changing the app interface soon....
  10. I also handled a high number of orders per day, as many as 30, they were not $5, but 30$, 60$ and 100$. I didn't sleep at night, and when I couldn't do it, I would put my status unavailable. These vendors, however, have been handling 60 orders a day, every day, for years. We all know what happens, we know how it works, I can't write it down.
  11. I've been told by customer support that they can't help me because the metric is based on an "exact science" that has always existed. Establishing a metric that favors sales volume over quality. This becomes evident when exploring my category, graphic design, with many sellers registered as individual freelancers, but in reality, they are teams capable of handling a large number of orders per day. Most of these jobs are of poor quality, as can be easily inferred from the sample images in the Gigs or the numerous negative public reviews. However, the high sales volume only has a positive impact on their status on the platform. In this case, not only does an unfair competition logic emerge, but buyers themselves are deceived by this system. Fiverr's industrial logic is a "quantity-focused approach," yet they continue to advise me to offer high-quality services. I wonder when the antitrust will start moving
  12. Yes, in mine, the two principal both 4, with only 2 negative points for each of the Gig. There are no positive factors impacting, such as on-time delivery (I have never delivered an order late). I asked the CS for an explanation, he replied ChatGPT.
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