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  1. Except it's not one seller alone, it's a real problem I spoke of, if you have similar suggestions feel free to make a new thread and post them 🙂
  2. Ya, I reported the Zoom call itself with my notes in it. Will leave the rest up to the concerned team. Sadly, this is not an isolated instance either, I just hope that Fiverr does the ID verification at least when sellers achieve their Level 1 status. Otherwise, it'd be a nightmare to sort out if you're working with a legit person.
  3. I wanted to hire a ghostwriter and a level 1 seller with a couple of positive reviews and picture and the name of a lady turned out to be a dude during the Zoom call. Plus the heavy accent. ID verification would tackle a lot of prevalent issues. So yes, please make ID verification mandatory for all sellers. Not saying that it can't be circumvented, but still, there should be some mechanism in place to tackle sellers who claim they are who they're not.
  4. All the more reason that people file a class action lawsuit
  5. If the previous account you had was solely used for buying, then there is a chance that you may be able to get your seller account reinstated, explain the situation to Fiverr by contacting them at support@fiverr.com.
  6. Maybe @Yoav.M can offer some clarification
  7. That'd be $30 (gotta pay for Midjourney subscription too)
  8. Plus Fiverr doesn't seem to be receptive to user feedback.
  9. AI technology is amazing, it's implementation by Fiverr isn't.
  10. That's all the more reason why they should intervene, because they take "hafta" 😂
  11. Absolutely nothing immoral about taking a portion out of the money that's supposed to be entirely credited to the sellers? Well, that's fine, to his own. We can agree to disagree.
  12. Because laws supersede terms and conditions. Terms and conditions cannot be illegal. Companies can't take shelter under terms and conditions that are illegal. Questionable practices will have to be dealt with accordingly. Of course laws in my country are more consumer oriented, doesn't mean it would be the same elsewhere but if one does nothing, the outcome would be... Nothing..
  13. Feel free to sue them. You might find enough people on the forum to join you.
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