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  1. I just got that too. Smells like desperation on their part. I received the email and notification about 5 minutes after I turned promotions off on 7 of my 9 gigs.
  2. Stay away from buyers like this. This will not end well 99% of the time. 90% of buyers who ask for discounts will either revision you to no end, demand free work with threat of your rating, or will simply give you a low rating because they can never be satisfied. The only ratings I've gotten below 4.7 star all came from discounted orders. That's my opinion on the matter.
  3. This is not ever a valid option. The direct client you have outside of this platform are YOUR CLIENTS ONLY, NOT FIVERR, UPWORK, etc... Fiverr already takes 20% + fees to bring the customers to you + promote their platform, etc... If you bring your clients here, you are opening them up to your competition as some may be tempted to browse around your category and find someone cheaper. Also, bringing them here negates any off-platform backup plan you attempt in the case that your account goes south. You should be building your direct clientele and keeping them separate from your freelance site buyers. It's the only way to build a truly sustainable business. Do not put everything into one site, platform, etc... Do not make the mistake of being 100% reliant on a third party.
  4. Sharing your gigs on social media directly affects the impressions you see. These are not organic impressions for the most part as anyone who sees your post will be included in the data for your gig as an impression. Most of the time these don't convert into clicks as many of the people seeing your post are not looking for someone to hire. I hope this makes sense
  5. They both appear to get cut off at the description text in the thumbnail view in the search. Try resizing them to 1280 x 769 Minimum: 712 x 430 px Maximum 4000 x 2416 px Yours appear to be below the minimum size
  6. Hey Marina, Just give it time. I wouldn't change anything else for at least 2 more weeks. You are a new seller and it takes time to get noticed. Once you break out of level 0 things will start to pick up. Level 0 is the hardest level to overcome. Hang in there, it will come. Cheers, Ken Marsiglia
  7. 2 of my gigs went blank, both of which had orders as recently as 3 days before their score was omitted. Another bit of information that can be easily disproven by actual experience
  8. HAHAHAHA! They just asked for us to rank the session 1 to 5 stars I say they should all be fired if they fall below a 4.5
  9. "Your performance is no longer just your own, but is compared to other sellers" My business model and client base are not the same as any other seller in my category. We may sell the same type of service, but that is where the similarities begin to fall away. This will be abused. Guaranteed, it already is
  10. No such mistake should ever occur. This is unacceptable.
  11. Unhinged or not, there were good questions in the chat that they completely ignored. Not a single one has been answered thus far. Every question they are answering almost sounds exactly the same as the ones from the webinar 2 days ago
  12. Now they're justifying VFM and saying it has nothing to do with the cost of your gig, 🤣 Gaslighting the c**p out of us
  13. They aren't clearly answering anything. They continuously talk out of both sides of their mouths [doublespeak} Every single question is answered with "No, it doesn't directly affect your score, so don't worry, but it is included in the algorithm that compares you with other sellers in your category from which your score is derived" (not verbatim) Also this>>> They sound like they don't know what they're even talking about, just covering the talking points they were given for the webinar. This is not transparency - This is a bad joke
  14. 1920x1080 will work just fine. Just remember that you will need to cut down on the bitrate quite a bit to meet the 50mb file size limit.
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