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  1. Congratulations for your first achievements.
  2. There are many types of people who have different experiences. I enjoy it. I am learning a lot from here.
  3. Welcome and best wishes. as a newbie, everything will looks good but after few days if you don't get an order you'll be frustrated.
  4. Good to see you in the fiverr forum. Best wishes
  5. There are many who react without reading what is written in the posts. Since It is consistently doing almost all the posts. It may be their regular job. They think maybe it will help to get rank if they do it.
  6. Appropriate and Realistic
  7. It is very sad if someone has to do the work of such a complex client. In this case, it would be better to resolve it through discussion with client. Hope that you will find some good clients for whom your mind will be good. you need to be more tactful and careful so that you do not have to face such embarrassing situation in the future. best wishes. thanks
  8. Please edit this word "Dennis" and write "denied" instead of Dennis. Thanks
  9. @md_iftekhar0012 You'll have to wait another 03 years to enter the battlefield.😆😃
  10. Welcome to fiverr forum. You can share your gig other social platforms. thanks
  11. No one can harm you if you are honest and clear to yourself. You need to have enough evidence for this.
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