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  1. Hey everyone! I'm trying to learn more about the world of dubbing, and how it differs from Voice Over. I'd love to hear from VO Artists and anyone that might have experience with dubbing, ADR, etc... Do professionals in these fields have similar skillsets? Is the process of production super different? Is the way dubbing could be bought and sold on Fiverr different than how VO looks? Would love to hear any thoughts you guys have on the subject 🎙️
  2. Let's use this new poll feature and see what DAW the Fiverr community uses the most, whether it's for voice over editing or music production!
  3. Hey everyone! I’d love to hear some input from the community - are there any services/skills that you feel aren’t represented in the world of music & audio on Fiverr? We work to create new categories/services that can be offered on Fiverr - and bring more relevant demand to these new categories! Some examples of new ones we’ve opened recently are Beat Making, DJ Mixing, Synth Sound Design, Music Production Lessons… etc. (see full list here) Any input or ideas are welcome, no matter how small or whacky 😁
  4. I have the exact same question… :thinking: Automatic. You both should have received it a few days ago! Please let me know if you think you didn’t 💪
  5. It’s a great question and great idea. The first few we’ve had weren’t recorded, but we will think of ways to make the info available after. But highly recommend you join as well! So far these are all interactive events.
  6. Hey Scott! Thanks for joining even if it was for a few. Yes - we ended up discussing exactly those things and then some - pricing & extras strategy, standing out on Fiverr as a VO artist, industry tips, and lots more. There will be some non-voice over specific events in the coming few weeks, but then we’ll be doing more voice over events soon. Check here to stay updated on events: https://www.fiverr.com/content/fiverr-beat
  7. Hello to everyone! We apologize for the long silence… but after deliberating, we’re excited to announce our winners! Once again, there were many incredible submissions with all of you giving unique takes and version of this arrangement made by @loftprod… because of that, we decided again to give prizes to our 2nd and 3rd place winners too! After going through them all, we are happy to announce the first place winner… @joylinmusic :1st_place_medal:, Joylin added some violin and strings of her own to make a beautiful rendition! And is walking away with a cool $100 in credit. Listen to her entry here, and see her fiverr gig here In second place, receiving $50, is @zenter! And 3rd place goes to @rishidas, also getting $50! Thanks again to everyone for participating - and feel free to give some ideas for the next one! And of course thank you to the amazing @loftprod
  8. Great catch @uk1000 and thanks for the tag @frank_d 💪 The spelling is fixed! If you don’t see the updated correct spelling you should see it within the next few days
  9. Hey everyone. Short warning - but wanted to remind everyone that we have a voice over focused event coming up in an hour. It’ll be an opportunity to chat with other voice over artists and learn from each other. All are welcome! Join/RSVP here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/153793858571
  10. Manuel! Thank you for the kind words - was great meeting you and others from the community face to face. We’ll be hosting plenty more music & audio events to talk tips, gear, production, networking, and lots more. The next session will be May 19th, at 12:30 PM EST. This one will be voice over focused, but of course all are welcome. Register for the event here! Looking forward to seeing you there 🎙️
  11. Welcome Josh! I’m Adam, the music & audio vertical manager. Good luck getting started on Fiverr - and feel free to visit us in the music & audio section of the forum as well! Fiverr Music & Audio This is the home for music & audio discussions and news for anyone interested in music, audio engineering, voice-over, and more! A place for sellers and buyers to talk gear, tips & tricks, get feedback, and of course debate what the #1 DAW is.
  12. Hey everyone! Wanted to share with you all something I’ve been working on. It’s called: Fiverr Beat Click here to check it out. LP Thumbnail Logo(export X2)1200×760 13.1 KBThis is a page where we will start to host a lot more music & audio specific activities. Including things like our contests, helpful and entertaining articles, seller spotlights, upcoming networking events, and more! My hope is that this will be an additional resource that music & audio creators, buyers, and sellers can use to meet this talented community, share their knowledge, and improve their skills! Let me know what you all think! If there’s something that would be helpful for you to read about, an event that would be exciting, or ideas for more that can be on the page. Plus - if you’re interested in writing content or hosting an event - also let me know! Rock on, Adam
  13. Amazing submissions. And a great last second push by some! Loftprod and I will announce the winners early next week!
  14. Loving all of these takes so far. To allow some more people to get submissions in, we’re extending the deadline by a bit! THE NEW DEADLINE IS NOW MAY 3RD! Keep these awesome submissions coming!
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