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  1. Worked at fiverr market place for 4 years with success. If I make a mistake, it's better to give a warning, but why can't it be found by searching the gig? If someone is flagged, they do not withdraw the flag even after 6 months and there is no work. We sellers are fed up with you unnecessary activities. Once I was proud of fiverr, now many sellers like me have started abandoning fiverr. I did it because a seller works hard for a long time to reach a good level and you don't respect his hard work and show a low success score and keep him sitting forever. How does it rule? I left fiverr with a heavy heart.😭
  2. I worked five months ago. Success score 8 and Rating 5★ and everything was 100%. After these five months there is no work online active more time. Without reason, my account is flagged! 😭
  3. Fiverr had a heyday and is no more. fiverr should target new sellers and give them a chance too😭
  4. what is the reason for decrease in fiverr buyers ? it is a matter of luck to get a buyer knocking on fiverr within four or five months. how much depend can sellers have on fiverr ? 😭😭
  5. Do you think there is no further work for the fiverr success score update ? I have been fine for over 4 months with no work and scammer buyers have increased are you the same with me?😭
  6. Since the success score update on fiverr. it is now like a dream to meet buyer. 😭
  7. And how much degradation will there be in four months of fiverr ? I did not get a job for a single buyer. It is doubtful whether the work will come in the future. I never thought fiverr would be like this. I have been carrying the internet bill, electricity bill and have not got a job. 😔😔
  8. Order cancellation is automatically fixed after two months. Fiverr low success score should remain for a certain period. It cannot last for a lifetime. This system has completely stopped the sales of the sellers products.
  9. yes, affected all
  10. Most of the sellers are facing similar problems. Fiverr note the sellers' posts and take initiatives to solve these problems.
  11. I don't see a solution to the same problem with most seller and can not tell if it will come up in the future.
  12. Due to fiverr success score update, many good quality sellers' products have stopped selling and fiverr has also been deprived of its desired profit. Success score should be fixed after a certain time. Otherwise, I think is that the accounts may be abandoned.
  13. If the success score is low performance and if the seller does not fix his performance metrics within 30 days, how many days can it be fixed?
  14. I totally agree with you and the new update on fiverr will be more detrimental to new seller and will discourage confident sellers. The new update of fiverr is unfair to the sellers and they never take initiative to solve the sellers problems.
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