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More than $414 with just 9 sales in my first month of using fiverr seriously


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My friend introduced me to fiverr about 8month ago, i registered but was not serious with it because i couldn’t get a job easily as a newbie. then i suddenly came back and took it serious, reading tips and top seller stories, edited my gigs and started following buyers request. then i got the first job and others follow, withing a month i got 11 orders 9 already delivered and two work on progress. Hoping to make more sales in 2017.

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@beatsbygods @letsdoitnow007 Thanks. here are some experience i gained and tips:

Redesign your gigs page to look professional this include you making sure your profile pics promotes what you sell. also the gig descriptions is your best advertising tool you must write it in a convincing way so that any buyer reading it will be guaranteed of getting his/her job done. also make sure your gig image is catchy and related to your gig.

Use buyers request: always go to the buyer request section to see if there is a task you can confidently do. if you you are sure you can do a task submit a proposal for the task making sure you let the buyer know you understand what is needed and how your professionalism and skills can solve the task and if you are a total newbie you can give the buyer a little but convenient discount( i used this and the buyer later gave me tip and also came back with another job and very good price i wouldn’t have charge and another tip). when accepting a task always try and get more time if possible. buyer appreciate if job is submitted earlier than on deadlines(if you can do a job for 24hrs request like two days if possible and submit immediately you are done).

Boost your gigs by sharing on social media(face book, twitter, etc)

have good and professional communication with buyers, always try to please them so as to turn them to recurrent buyers

Lastly: read articles from top sellers to gain more experience.

I hope this help.

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