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  1. Sorry to hear that. Did you post your job request in Buyer request section? If yes, can you show/paste your request here so we can see where the problem is? Some times its the wrong choice of words which trigger the system to disapprove your request.
  2. I concur. What if the later hurt their egos and they become vengeful, make another account and takes revenge from that seller. :thinking:
  3. So you want clients and subscribers but with zero investment? Sweet.
  4. The VO talent on Fiverr is simply one of the finest I’ve ever seen BUT like I said above you aren’t celebrities and you don’t have a massive social following. Who said you need to be a celebrity to be a PRO? I dont think “massive” is mandatory either.
  5. Btw, Whats the wisdom behind posting that screenshot? :thinking:
  6. I guess this whole thread is exactly about that. Many have applied but the vetting process takes centuries now as mentioned before. But the discussion here is, not about who can apply and who cant, its about the “special” treatment that PROs receive, the kind of exposure and promotion they get and not to mention this ⬇️ Telling buyers that they can feel " Confident" going with PROs, meaning there might be trust issues going with us reggie sellers.
  7. Didn’t know Gandhi was a woman… You wont get it. #GoodOldDays
  8. ssj1236 A wise woman once told a fellow writer " Be the change you want to see "
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