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How the fiverr will upgrade his currency to bitcoins


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Dear fiverr

I would like to request fiverr to please upgrade your currency to bitcoins.Because fiverr is the most favorable place to work online.Bitcoin is the future of money and people will make transactions with bitcoins.Bitcoin economy is growing faster day by day.

So i suggest fiverr to upgrade their currency to bitcoins.


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I personally would not want to be paid in bitcoins. I do not feel it is stable enough to count on as income. I don’t think it’s acceptable as payment for most of my needs like bill paying and grocery. I wouldn’t care if bitcoin was an option, but never as the standard. Personal opinion only. 🙂

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I just recently had noticed a post on the forum on bitcoins that made me wonder, because as far as I am/was aware there´s no option to use bitcoins, but forgot to look it up, used search now though to find it back, and here it is:

Is the Coinbase API really working on Fiverr? Just lost two payments for an order after the btc transfers went undetected. I paid before the payment window expired. I really hope I will get my money back because I paid to the right addresses, and in time.

How did they pay, or did they confuse fiverr with something else? 0.o

And I´m for bitcoins as another _optio_n too.

So fiverr accepts bitcoin from buyers, but the options to get paid in bitcoins for sellers doesn´t exist, personally speaking, it would be aweseome enough if I got paid in my countries currency, because apart from the 20% fiverr fee and the fee to get funds from fiverr to PayPal, PayPal takes another 2.5% currently, when I send my funds from PayPal to my bank, for currency conversion. Bitcoin might be an interesting option.

BitCoin: This is a consensus network that enables a new payment system and a completely digital money. From a user perspective, Bitcoin is pretty much like cash for the Internet. For more information on where BitCoin is accepted, click here.

Note: Fiverr does not refund BitCoin payments.

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