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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, I am Joyshuvo. I made a giga for sale of a digital marketing 3️⃣ months ago, but I am not getting any orders. Will anyone help me get the order? My gig description, keywords, images are all beautifully arranged.😞
  2. Do you get clients by sharing your gig on social media?
  3. Do you like to share about what you like or do not? Alright, I have something to tell you. Most of the time I gossip with my friends I like to share my mind about what I like and what not. In the same way you can start a blog about yourself that what do you like and do not. It's free to open a blog at blogger.com. You can discuss anything you want on your blog. But what will be the profit for you? Alright, you can talk about your services that you provide on fiverr and link your fiverr gig on those articles to get more exposure on your fiverr account. You have a great amount of chance getting clients from your blog. So what are you waiting for? Start your first blog right now ! Cheers
  4. Welcome To My Social Media Manager Service: Looking for a social media expert to manage your personal media account? Then you are in the right place. I am a social media manager and have specialized skills in management like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Reach your products, businesses, websites to active social media users and then transform them into a proper brand. https://www.fiverr.com/jahangir2750/be-your-social-media-manager
  5. All business need a social media persense . Social media is an essential place of your business marketing strategy social platform help you connect your costomer increase awareness about your brand and boost your list . Most people to don’t seem to understand what goes into SUCCESSFULLY running in social media account . Managing several different profile at once Working almost 24/7 bc you have to not post only but also engage & handle the comment /DMs building and MAINTAINING an engaged audience and MUCH MORE Why struggle with all that hard and-tine consuming stuff when we can handle it for you instead just DM us we get your account managed and reach your targeted . Thanks
  6. Hello there! I'm a brand new seller on this platform and am really looking forward to establishing myself. So far, I'm still trying to secure my first gig - hopefully I'll learn some useful tips about getting myself out there and make this a successful journey. Advice and feedback always welcome!
  7. Anyone can please tell properly what is the best way to share my gig on social media and how can i do that ? THANKS
  8. Hello fiverr Community 🙋‍♀️, I've been on fiverr a year ago and in the last 2 months my impressions , clicks and orders come down, if anyone have some tips or advises how I can promote my gigs especially on social media ( I tried to share my gigs on some fb groupes but doesn't work😑) I will be so happy to hear your answers. Thank you so much 🤗
  9. IMG_20210809_194917_295.webp IMG_20210809_193344_514.webp IMG_20210809_193553_237.webp IMG_20210809_192854_520.webp IMG_20210809_194252_217.webp
  10. The social sharing of gigs is commercialized so much. Sharing your gig URL all across social media websites just does not work. According to research, there are about 3.81 billion people who are using social media today. Create an impressive profile on all social media platforms to attract clients as you have limited space for your introduction. So, if you cannot find any work inside the search engine, then there are many other platforms where you can upgrade your gigs. Today I am gonna share with you social media marketing tips and tricks. Here we go.... Promote Fiverr Gig On Facebook Such promotions in Facebook promotion groups never work as these groups have only sellers and your gig is not gonna see buyers! Also, see the comments these are again some sellers who are just spamming around. Facebook is a platform where you can find the client easily because there are many groups related to freelancing or online work. So, join the groups on Facebook where you can easily drop your gigs and find the client according to your services. The best way to promote your gigs is through hashtags. Stay Away! You should try multiple ways of social sharing methods. Try posting in Fiverr-related groups on Facebook or Twitter. HOW TO PROMOTE FIVERR GIG ON TWITTER Twitter is also like any other social media platform. Post and share content on Twitter, this will help you to communicate with other users. Do tweets and post informational quotes, videos, or info about your services. This will increase the audience. But don’t overload yourself, that will get you in trouble. Be humble and tweet gigs from time to time. HOW TO PROMOTE FIVERR GIG ON LINKEDIN LinkedIn is a professional medium where you can place your services. So, first, make a professional profile to show your services and then add related people or clients according to your profile. Use LinkedIn by writing articles on different topics about your services. Also, you can contact the client by messaging but in a gentle or friendly way, so your clients don’t think that you are spam. You can get hundreds of projects there and the plus point is that there is also a payment option in LinkedIn or you can say that this is paid marketing. HOW TO PROMOTE FIVERR GIG ON INSTAGRAM On Instagram, you have two types of accounts: social or business. So if you want to promote your gigs, make a business account first and add the link of your Fiverr profile on that website. Make your gig images with hashtags so whenever any client searches for a related service then the image or post you have posted will show up. Overall this is an easy but very effective way to increase Fiverr sales. The best way to promote your Fiverr gig is, you can give a discount promotion offer to your clients by including your delivered gigs as an Instagram post and give the links to buyers’ accounts or websites if they want. Finally always be Honest and humble to your client . Best of luck.
  11. Hi Fiverr community, I have a very important question: Can i sell my own Tik Tok accounts on Fiverr? Is that legit and not against Terms Of Service? If you help me with this question i will be so grateful. Thanks.
  12. How do I get the right platforms for my GIGS promotion?
  13. I came to Fiverr with full efficiency and I have published three gigs with my services. I stay active for about 16 hours daily and send 5/7 buyer request. My impression is good enough after my gigs active Fiverr Authority, but the clicks are slight. I can't get orders directly from Fiverr without a buyer request? Orders are available on Fiverr without buyer request? Stay Home Save Lives. Regards: marketing_byte
  14. I need a suggestion. What types buyer and buyer request should i ignored?I am a new seller.Please give me some effective suggestion. Thank you.
  15. How can i improve my gig?
  16. Hello friends.I create my gigs 17 days ago.First 10 days my gigs impression is increased.But last 7 days my gigs impression is decreased.I don’t know how it’s happened.I request you to give me some helpful suggestions to increased my gigs impression.Here is my fiverr account: https://www.fiverr.com/arnobislam466?up_rollout=true Thank you
  17. Hello buddies! This is Gigi the newbie! I'm hoping to improve with other newbies (yep, y'all) so I'm offering free gig/ profile descriptions. Simply offer me free services of your expertise, which may potentially improve my account/ profile, in return will do. For instance, you may offer website writing/ graphics design for my gig/ logo design for my profile... whatever, anything reasonable will do! Let's improve by establishing well-organized Fiverr seller accounts together! Looking forward to your response!
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