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Yeah! My Account is Up & Working


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In Oct, my FIVERR account got compromised so I had to cancel create a new account.

(It was a real pain to download & screen capture everything.)

I used the same email which created a problem, whenever I posted on this forum, it would take me to the old account. Customer Service fixed it.

In Nov, my email got compromised! * SIGH * I felt like someone was playing a cruel joke on me. So I changed email - well, unfortunately, the forum was locked to the old email, so I couldn’t post at all.

Luckily, I only had a handful of orders, so it was easy to cancel and this is my third (and hopefully, final) account in three months.

Some of my regular sellers are probably wondering what happened to me, so hopefully, if a few of them are reading this forum: “I’m back!”

Well, it’s almost end of the year and I haven’t progressed as far as I had hoped for my side business - matter of fact, it’s been at a stalemate for the past two months with all sorts of issues.

The good news is, I’ve had great deal of fun and learned quite a bit on FIVERR and gotten some really great gigs. Since I’ll be playing catch up and won’t be buying any more for rest of this calendar year, I thought I’d show some of the gigs I’ve gotten this year (well, since August)

As a new buyer, I was a skeptic, especially since the first two purchases went really bad. If you are a new buyer, keep in mind that not all of these cost $5.

Here are just a few of the things that I purchased on Fiverr (Price Point: $5 to $120).

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(4) I wanted to post some of the eBook Covers, truly amazing work of art, but unfortunately, it has the title and my name so that may be crossing the line to post it here. In other words, someone may think I was trying to advertise for my book on the forum. I’ll have to skip those.

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(5) Book Blurb

What I submitted:
It’s the late 21st Century. Playboy Jonathan is young, rich, smart, powerful, and the envy of all his friends. He can have whoever he wants whenever he wants, but Jonathan doesn’t believe in love. He lives in the moment.

Mitch is confused and lonely. His family lost everything when the Internal Revenue Service caught up to their family business for tax evasion. Mitch’s stepfather sends him out to find a special friend—someone wealthy—who can help the family climb back up the social latter.

What the Seller gave back:
The whole world lies at Johnathan Karington’s feet, and the powerful young playboy used to taking his pick whenever he likes—and however he likes it. Even in the year 2078, some things never change.

Mitch Stephenson is adrift. Seeking help after the IRS gutted his family business for everything it had and ordered by his stepfather to find a wealthy benefactor, Mitch is forced to close his ears to the gossips and help his family in any way he can.

There is one more line but may be a bit taboo for the forum . . .

EDIT: Second thought, I’ve been toying with the idea of having my blurbs translated into several languages such as Spanish/French/German/Portuguese/Italian, etc. as an experiment to see if it helps with sales. Maybe I’ll do that this year . . .

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Humm, I’m trying to figure out how to post some of the editing/proofreading that I got done but can’t figure it out.

My philosophy: Behind every good writer is a great editor and proofreader. Behind every great author is a spectacular editor and proofreader.

If I can figure it out, I’ll post a sample of a page or two here so you can see that there are many great hidden talented editors, writers, and proofreaders on FIVERR.

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Isn´t that just awful, when accounts get compromised, a big webspace provider where I had a website I manage for someone got compromised some time ago, all the customers’ data, names and bank account numbers, fun, checking a bank account all the time for god knows how long, to see if anything happens, in addition to your website being down for ages. And they only told people after quite a while, because of ‘ongoing investigations’. In fact, I learned about that major breach from a ‘computer-tech-stuff site’ I read sometimes long before the mail from the provider regarding the issue finally arrived. But great you’re back, better luck for next year&accounts!
As for this specific post, I translated a few blurbs (and more) for an author who likes my work, so if you plan to go ahead and need German ones…I like books like that, and blurb lines for books too hot for forums are just fine too. 😉

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@miiila: Yikes, what happened to you seems harsher than what happened to me.

I’ve actually been interested in your gig for some time now. I’ll have to catch up to you next Monday when I am off work.

This is a brutal week at work for me. I hate working weekends but my regular job helps me to get $ to spend on FIVERR!! 😉

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