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Am I missing something?


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Alright guys,

Been trying for over 1 month to get some sales on fiverr, but looks like I’m not doing it right.
I think my gig is in good shape: has a video, has 2x 5star reviews.

I’m offering a complete refund if not satisfied, 24h express delivery, a bonus for the first 10 users who buy my gig, a bonus for users who favorite my gig.

I’m also running ads on twitter (targeting small businesses), promoting my gigs on all social media (targeted groups).

BUT STILL, no orders.

What am I missing?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,

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I find myself being impatient recently because of getting less sales than I used to - and I know why - because there are so many other related gigs - so much competition!

I decided to try out some other gigs that I might be good at (video testimonials). Fiverr has great sales tools that help small business owners/freelancers to open their business(=gig) and it is super easy once you get the hang of it.

My tip for you is to start looking for other gigs that you might be good at doing that you never knew - when I first signed up for Fiverr - my first gig was not actually the one I have as a best seller on my dashboard. Over the course of over a year and a half being on Fiverr - my self-esteem/self-confidence has gone up way higher than before finding out how many great ideas and skills I can offer people - you will find out what you are really good at that people indorse you for as well.

Cheer up! and Happy Fiverring~

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