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I chose you because you are a person of color


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That seems weird and creepy to me (I could pass as a poster girl for paleness, btw). I mean, I’d rather be chosen because the guy/girl thought I was awesome at my skill, not because I was a beautiful shade of whatever.


The worst thing is these creeps are either desperately trying to get browner (tanning) or lighter (creams?). Be happy in your own skin folks.

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girl, I am the woman who lives among the bronzed leather bags. “Emma,” they drawl. “Why won’t you come to the beach and burn yourself to a crisp?”

“Because you look like a Hermes special edition. I’ll hide in a bush and capture your hide before your last breath has even expired!” I’ll exclaim to their disbelieving laughter.

<creepy smile> I have no interest myself, of course.

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@esthernyambura, nothing wrong with that. Perhaps they wanted a certain perspective. In my earlier days on Fiverr, I got many orders (and still do) because clients wanted an Indian perspective. In fact, in my earlier days, my “India” gig was very active. Now it has disappeared. If I can make a suggestion, why not start a gig, “I will write an original article on Africa”…just like my “India” gig…check it out. There are a number of people who will want to have a unique African perspective…take advantage of that.

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Since I’m Asian, allow me to hop in the conversation…
I’ve had a similar talk with my coworkers ( and 95% are from around the world), I never
understood why do people say "person of color?"
I mean, don’t we ALL have some kind of color on our skin?? Even if I was albino and my skin
was as white as the driven snow, white is still a color. Strange.

BTW according to my dark-skinned coworker, he said he never understood why
white people are called white. He said “They are more like pink.”
…Pink…that sounds…cute? I have to say though, a lot of Caucasian people are leaning towards the pink side rather than white. (NOT trying to be a racist or rude here, I thought
he had a good point!)

I’ve received a lot of gigs in the past because I am Japanese, and in many cases they made sense. I’ve never had anybody order my gig because of my skin tone though…well, so far, none.

esthernyambura, I’m glad that you have a positive attitude though! 😃

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