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Question for Sellers


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Random questions because I’m curious.

  1. Can you tell when someone has you as a favorite?

  2. I’ve read many conversations on this forum about gratuity from sellers and buyers. I thought it was a sign of appreciation, for a job well done, when a customer chooses to provide extra $$. A seller indicated otherwise. Now, I’m wondering if some sellers from cultures other than U.S. would find it to be insulting.

I know Fiverr is international so I know what is acceptable or encouraged in one country maybe insulting in another.


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1- I don’t believe you get a notification or anything if someone favorites your gig. You can see how many favorites you have though by clicking your gig.

2- Tips aren’t that big of a deal to me but I do get excited when I receive gratuity. It just shows a job well-done.
Hope this helps!
Jenny 🙂

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