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Hello all.

Just a general enquiry really. I note that there are a number of sellers, that I’ve browsed the profiles/work of, and been reasonably impressed.

On the other hand, I’ve seen that there are a number of “chuck the garden shed at it” type gigs, that seem to charge ridiculously cheap prices, but I can’t seem to see the value add at all. For these suspect gigs, for example content writing (biased choice), the English IMO leaves a lot to be desired, yet they’ve (apparently) made a lot of sales. Is this just typical marketing and in fact they don’t have that much custom or is it really a mixed bag here and people aren’t that picky?

I say this as I’m not sure as to how much resource I should be looking to expend here, as I don’t think I can compete with people charging $5 for a thousand words, with 999 key words and one space filler.


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If you cant compete with those who do bulk writing for articles etc then don’t try - it will tire you out and leave you exceptionally frustrated.
There are sellers here who do 1000 words for $5 and sellers who charge that for 10 words.
If you are competent then you can charge a fair price for your work but you need to be honest with yourself and also experiment with what people will pay for your work.
As you are starting you will most likely have to charge low prices to get some reviews, you wont get top dollar prices straight away but over time you can increase prices. Most sellers start at $5/500 words and work from there, increasing or decreasing the word count depending on their success. Consider it a time investment towards earning what you deserve.
If you write for a particular niche/in a particular style then focus on those. Beware of those asking for huge quantities of articles as their first order - usually time wasters or scammers.

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A great thing about Fiverr, that I rarely see many talk about, is that it costs you absolutely nothing at all to make a profile, set up a gig and put your offer out there.

Perhaps this is one of those “glass half full” sort of things but you just never know until you try.

However, I will say, Fiverr definitely has a ladder to climb and is completely 100% related to the amount of “resource” (effort) one intends to expend. In other words, if you only expend a little, you’re likely to only get little results. If you expend a lot, well, this is one drift I think all can catch.

Best of luck to you. I say, you’ve got nothing to lose so give it your all and see where the chips fall.


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