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Add \'Posted dated\' feature in \'buyer requests\' section

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In Buyer Requests section we can see ‘Duration’ which is the time until when a buyer wants the work done. It will be very helpful if you can also add a ‘Posted date’ feature in there which will show when a particular buyer request was posted. Like ‘Posted 15 mins ago’, ‘Posted 3hours ago’, ‘Posted 2days ago’, ‘Posted 1 week ago’, etc…

It will be very helpful for us (the sellers) to decide which projects to bid on when we search for work in buyer requests.

Being a level 2 seller and thanks to my happy clients, I do not have to go much on buyer requests for bidding and receive projects inquiries directly from clients on my fiverr profile. But still, this feature can be really helpful for all kinds of sellers whether they are new on fiverr, a level one seller, level 2 seller or even a top rated seller.

This is a must have feature in the Buyer Requests section.

I would love to know what other sellers think about this.

Thank you.

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