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How we helped a buyer(now a great friend) propose the love of his life


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So this post is really special for all of us. I personally believe that we belong to one family, let’s call it The Fiverr Family.

In my next post I’m going to talk why I absolutely love Fiverr, but in this post I’d like to share the story of one of my buyers. His name is Prashant and he’s from India.

Prashant got in touch with us a few months back. He wanted us to create a video for his girl friend. In the video, he wanted us to show a few things related to his personal life. He wanted to show that video to the love of his life and propose her for marriage 🙂

The video contained the memories that he had with her. Things like the first time they met, their first date, their fights, their special moments and a final CALL TO ACTION (lol).

We created that video in 2 weeks. We felt as if we were creating a video for our won brother.

Prashant, flew all the way from Australia (he works there) to India to show that video to his partner. He proposed her through that video.

What next?

Prashant is married to her today and they’ve moved back to Australia. They had a great wedding 🙂

We, The Fiverr Family, helped him propose the love of his file. This is something more than money, business or anything else. This is something way beyond than what we used to think. For us, Fiverr was a platform to make a living, but after making this video for Prashant, we saw Fiverr as strong family that helps people all across the world.

I have several stories to share here. I’ll keep sharing them with you all. That’s a promise.

I just wanted to drop by and tell you that whatever you’re doing, it’s adding value to people’s lives. A logo that you create acts as a foundation for our buyer’s business. A cover that we create for our buyers, connects them to the world. Every single thing that we’re doing here, means a lot to our buyers.

We’re leaving impacts on their lives. And together, we are one strong family.

Let’s stay together. Let’s grow together.

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I don’t think I’ll ever become a TRS at this rate. I hate looking at other people’s holiday photos, I shout at old people who push in front at the supermarket, and if I was a woman, I’d cry for the fact that my lover was the biggest geek in the world if they ever dared propose using an Animaker video.

That said, I also try hard to use my Fiverr work to help people achieve their hearts desires. Today, for example, I wrote five articles about how finally men in places like the USA can be free of militant feminism. All they have to do is stop slaving away trying to please emotionally redundant, high maintenance native American gals, and head on over to Kherson in Ukraine to find the women of their dreams!

In fact right now, I’m probably helping hundreds of men connect with the half their age blondes of their wildest fantasies. My only regret is that I might never be able to actually meet the nice people I’ve helped start this new chapter in their lives together.

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To be fair, those militant feminists aren’t the norm. At least I hope not. Any real feminist just believes in equality for everyone, regardless of their private parts, s****l orientation and what have you. Although it is swaying a little too far in some cases (new personal pronouns for “cisgendered” people being enforced at some colleges in the US being a notable example.)

It took like 2 years for me to become TRS and that was a surprise when it did come, albeit with not much fanfare other than a pop-up. Hang on in there!

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It’s wonderful how abject poverty in places like Ukraine gives men who can’t have equal relationships with women in their own country a chance to buy the compliant girls of their dreams. Money is the great equalizer. Native American “gals” aren’t known to be high maintenance btw. And it’s surprising how quickly gals from impoverished countries
become high maintenance when confronted with the opportunity of having a groping sloppy fat American mate. In a matter of weeks they are whining for a Chanel handbag.

It can be an infuriating experience for a man to select a young pretty blond who promises to fulfill all his fantasies, only to realize that when she has escaped from her poverty stricken country she too wants more than he has to offer and leaves without a backward glance.

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Feminazi much?

JK. I agree with your points, and I enjoyed your final paragraph with sickening claps and yays, as if I were at a Trump convention, but for rational thinkers. I also shot some men just because.

High maintenance bitches exist everywhere. Rupert Murdoch (all-round prize t**t) is currently married to Jerry Hall. Even Mick Jagger was like “WTF Jerry”. Maybe Rupe’s got a massive collection of collections and a big wang, who knows. But Wendi Deng… now she was a fierce one. Not only did she totally pancake that shit comedian who intervened in that case (Rupe was pretending to have dementia at the time, remember?), she also bingobongo’d Tony Blair. All while pretending to be a nice good pretty Chinese lady. Stone cold b, girl.

Can we gossip about the Depp/Heard divorce thing now?!?!

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