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  1. Nothing is certain in this world/life except change (there will always be changes) and death (everyone is going to die someday).
  2. Just an update, not related to the OP, but related to one of my posts in this thread. Finally today the dogs that I have been dog sitting are going home. I´m gonna miss them (or maybe not).
  3. I won’t be quoting or identifying anyone 🙂 This is purely background research to identify any major areas of concern, and I will just use the feedback in aggregate to inform any writing. Thank you. 🙂
  4. Oh dear, I missed that part. @paulmaplesden Please don´t include my comments/posts in this thread in the posts you are creating (not that my comments are awesome, lol). I commented because I just felt like joining in the crowd. 🙂
  5. LOL. I can imagine. 😂 Yes, at least 2 walks a day is good for them. 🙂
  6. these are the dogs type we have in home country i like them @logo1987 LOL, I think I would freak out if I saw a real dog like that. 😂
  7. @offlinehelpers So, you are a Scottish who has got a Scottie? How cute! 😍
  8. Same with me! OMG you are so right. Only recently I have been making stock videos about my dogs so I can still upload videos on my channel when I am away for a quite long time. Also, I have been dog sitting two little spoilt brats (dogs, not kids, lol) which makes me feel like I am actually working since I have to train them so they can get along with my dogs. Now the dogs have got better attitude. But I somehow sure once the dogs are back to the owner, the owner would ˝ruin˝ them again. 😫
  9. @logo1987 Yes, really. No beach in my area, lol. 🙂
  10. @logo1987 Are you on vacation? I haven´t had my (long) vacation. It will be by the end of this month. 🙂
  11. @johnwangui Me too! I like water melon especially when it´s sweet and cold. 😋
  12. @offlinehelpers Lucky you, hehehe. Unfortunately no ice cream van comes round my area, lol. So I tried this one and it worked. I mean, it´s okay. 😋
  13. That´s great! I like ice cream too, that´s why the other day I looked up about ˝How To Make Ice Cream At Home˝. 🙂
  14. There has been heat wave coming and going this past few weeks. When it is very hot in the summer, I don´t feel like eating so much. I only want to drink something cold and eat fruits. I also don´t feel like eating fatty food (I still eat fatty food, but the portion is much less than usually). And then in the autumn or colder weather, I tend to eat fatty food. Does that happen to you too? What do you like to eat and drink when the weather is hot (edit: or it doesn´t matter)?
  15. You are one of the nicest posters in the forum and you are very patient with people. I could never be as patient as you are, lol.
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