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My personal experiments that have made me upto $1250 per order :)


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When I was at the stage when my Fiverr earnings were stagnant and I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing, I took the decision to create animation videos and I totally loved it. It was my best decision ever on Fiverr.

I’ll tell you what I mean by selling a service based on its ROI:
1.Sell a service for which you can charge more and invest lesser time and energy

  1. Sell a service which can be sold for ‘n’ times the money you sell it for on Fiverr

  2. Sell a service through which you can build a strong portfolio for yourself.

If I’d not have been making animation videos on Fiverr, I’d have decided to provide a website creation service on WordPress, because I know that creating websites on WordPress is peanuts and the ROI is massive!

I would have been able to charge a higher amount initially for my service, which would have made me more money.

And I’d have been building my own website creation portfolio, using which I would have had several opportunities to get clients from other sources.

The cost of my animation video service starts from $50 and this is the biggest reason behind my success on Fiverr.

So, we need to look for something which can make us more money. I don’t want to lie to you by saying things like:

“Hey man! Sell logos on Fiverr. Imagine getting 20 orders a day and making $100 from it per day! It’s going to be awesome right?”

Creating 20 logos would have taken a lot of hard work. It would have demanded over 20 hours of my time and a lot of thinking and creativity. I’m not too creative 😛

I’d rather sell 2 videos on Fiverr and make $100 from it investing 2-3 hours. Or maybe selling 2 simple WordPress theme based sites making the same amount of money.

So, do you get the point? It’s simple. Be smart and choose the right service. It can be anything.

Currently I sell videos for $150 and $500 per minute and it’s doing wonders for me 🙂

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Woooah, those numbers 🙂
Just be careful, as Pablo Picasso said “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” There will always one “great” designer stealing your job :). Those numbers made me think of starting my animation gig hahahah …(just kidding) good luck in your job and may you achieve greater level.

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That’s a good mindset to have! Thanks for the info. I might join in the competition in the future, although right now I’ve never made a video so lol. Still though, a copywriter who can make short marketing videos is a useful niche to fill.

Don’t worry! This is all “when I have time” (so probably never, as I prefer to waste my time on the forum instead of being productive…)

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The majority of people who try to do this will make terrible videos without practicing/learning about videography or doing anything to make a video that could really legitimately be watchable (and actually sell a product, for that matter).

One particularly tedious poster who I haven’t seen around lately has video gigs, but it’s literally a template where they change the wording. They had a bad review because they refused to change the color of the background.

Then again, $5 gig. $1250 requires more bells and whistles, I guess.

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Also, I’ve checked this guy out and he’s not using Powtoon. In fact, some of the characters included in his vids seem to be being featured on ebook covers and stock images. In this case either him or someone else hasn’t got their copyright and resale rights in order. - (Not saying it’s you OP. But someone hasn’t).

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