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  1. Guys, I’ve got my “top seller” badge today! Thank you for everyone who helped me when I didn’t know anything. I am so grateful to be part of this community.
  2. Hi Jonbaas, I remember exact time when I asked this question. I want to thank you for motivating me. Today I’ve got my top rated badge 🙂 From now on I hope I will be able to keep up the expectations of this badge. I wanted to share news with someone and the first person who came to my mind was you! Thank you sir.
  3. Actually New Level system is the best thing happened. I could reach 91% from ~79% delivery rate within 10 days ( I had to take too many orders and skip sleeping for many nights). Everyone is praising customer care and delivery rate and that means more orders and tips and top search results. Now I take my business too seriously. Thank you Fiverr!
  4. Best customer service and quality service is the key to have strong customer base. But who can work for 24/7 without affecting their health and being reasonably free for people around them who matter? Have you ever been asked for a dinner or party and you’ve turned down the offer because you’re too busy shaping your future? There are many examples to continue. But if you choose to simply leave the work and go out then your service quality decreases. Now if you get 5-6 orders per day, things pile up and you will feel trapped. In my case, I travel a lot. And most of the times i end up not being able to meet project DEADLINES. Or sometimes I have creative block and it is impossible to avoid late deliveries. E.g my last one was when I’ve received an order for workout programming guide. The project required me to use images of lots of vegetable, beaches and pineapples and i couldn’t relate these to content. There was nothing related to workout and I got so blocked out. Couldn’t come up with anything I wanted. Or we have people ordering and in requirements they mention something like “Yo, I have my launch in the morning, FINISH IT by then”. Sometimes, you already have express deliveries lined up in your queue. Cancelling it, is not an option. You won’t sleep and finish all express deliveries, then you need to deliver other orders. When will you sleep? Or can you be as productive as you were fresh? I think the answer is NO for most of the people in creative field. • Limit It is better if you limit your capacity of being able to take orders. That way you can give higher quality customer service. It is better to deliver 2 perfect projects rather than unfinished 5. • Compensate If you’re late or couldn’t give your clients enough time and you think customer care quality was not perfect, then offer them something that will make them consider you for their new projects. For example: You could offer free express delivery on their next order - you won’t loose anything, it is just called better customer care. OR $5-$10 off as a compensation on their next order - this is tricky one. You will find most of the customers not availing this but for sure it shows how kind you’re and they won’t care about your discount. The easiest one maybe is offering free source file. (not for all orders, logo service would be something relevant). • Care Think of a project as if it was yours. What would you expect if you hired someone for the same job? Customer’s every penny should be worth for what they are getting. • Copyright If you want your work to be successful avoid Copyright Infringement. Imagine if Starbucks logo was made from stock website. Do you think it would survive legal battles? I use stock websites everyday. And I am not ashamed of using them in my designs because i buy legal rights to use them in my client’s works. And I strictly follow their policies. I often run into logos which are stock based and most of the stock websites don’t allow their assets to be used as logo. Or another example: Recently I had to work on a project which was made by my fiverr competitor in the same niche. I’ve received source file in a zip format: And I see Futura and Proxima Nova typefaces were also offered as part of source file. Now this is considered as transmitting someones work. And it is illegal! I make my clients see the option of fonts and most of my clients prefer free fonts and some always opt for premium fonts. It is their wish. Don’t make your customer legally vulnerable. If they face any issue, you will be cursed or you will end up paying fine or god knows. P.S: Guys I am not an expert nor a writer so forgive me for grammatical mistakes. These are from my own experience and everyone has their opinion.
  5. This should have been warning enough not to work with him on a second order. What’s wrong in being honest? (client side)
  6. Maybe off topic, But getting below 5 stars should be very acceptable. I got an order from a client in July, after the order completed he left 4 stars. I’ve never asked why he rated me with 4 stars and I thought maybe my customer service was bad and started improving it by being online instantly when I am required. I started getting more orders from him and then I got 4.3(once), 4.7(twice) and then 20 something times 5 stars. I am pretty sure I would never put 5 stars for most of the works I’ve done. Maybe people do it for the sake of doing it after seeing millions of people have 5 stars on their profiles.
  7. It is 5% for orders above $25. If it is upto $25 then $1 flat fee.
  8. It is alright brother, I’ve always thought depression is something people blabber about and not a real thing. Thankfully it is past now. I have strong customer base and moreover I’d got new clients more than ever even after i increased my prices by 100%. I learnt a trick, Instead of stuffing one huge order (maybe 7 days of work) into one offer, I started dividing into parts. Maybe it is not even a trick, I deal mostly with custom offers and always ended up creating one offer for everything and that was extremely affecting things. 4 to 76, I had to! There was no other way around it. I just hope I will get to 90 at least. I am glad that you have no such issues and yes i do get what you go through for custom orders. Fastest Delivery is what people look for. Cheers 🙂
  9. I’ve never compromised on the quality even if the delivery rate was not good at all. Sometimes I think of how other people do it? Is it really possible to just be creative whenever you’re needed to? I just can’t come up with 5-10 different designs every day as long as I get orders. So things got a little packed up and revisions on top of that. So delivery rate reached almost ground level. And yes, one big factor for creative block was effin’ depression and I am extremely grateful that I got over it.
  10. Do you think people can’t find a way to submit fake ids? I think fiverr already controls things upto an extent with the help of Paypal and Payoneer. And the whole idea would change to a different thing. Here you can be seller and buyer at the same time. Now imagine your clients submitting their ids before signing up.
  11. Do you mean 4% or 74%? I meant 4 percent 🙂
  12. Just curious, don’t most sellers have 100% on time delivery? I ask because, with exception of very few, most of my gigs are delivered on time. @eoinfinnegan %100 used to be initially :))) I just made a comeback from 4% delivery to 76% and I hope I will get to 90% at least. Getting overbooked is something not too great as well. I just can’t get creative if I have 20 big orders in my queue and i’ve always wondered how people with 100’s of orders can work without getting affected.
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