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NO one Order me WHY? just Because i am new?


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Several factors might contribute to that.

  1. Your profile image, upon reverse searching, shows that it’s a profile picture for an Instagram model in India. Most buyers are not dumb, and if a profile picture is set up to be TOO good looking and professional (without accompanying Gigs revolving around photography) they’ll think it’s a scam and not want to buy.

  2. As Misscrystal had said, your English needs improvement. Fiverr services predominately English speakers, for the most part, and those that are looking to hire your services Without proper English, once more people won’t want to hire you because of a difficulty in communication.

  3. Plus, also, as Misscrystal has said, your gig photos are copied from other places on the internet. Predominately Instagram. You’re working with logo’s, which if you steal designs from CAN get people into massive trouble legally and financially. So when it comes to logo designs people will not want to hire someone that appears fraudulent.

Overall, you need to showcase things from your portfolio that you’ve designed yourself with your 2 years experience, and a photo of yourself. It also won’t hurt to tighten up your English a little bit. I know English is not your first language (as it says your from Pakistan), but looking professional is the first step to getting Gigs. Trust me. I didn’t start getting Gigs until I made my profile professional.

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