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Full Refund vs Partial Refund


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Hello fellow sellers!

I’m sure that eventually after a large amount of sales you’ve also ended up giving a refund or two.

My question is this a perfect solution?

Let me tell you a bit about my recent experience… I received an order for a logo design and the buyer was pretty clear in his request. As a result I’ve created 6 logo designs that perfectly matched his description but he said that although they are good, they’re not exactly what he was looking for.

In turn, I’ve created 4 more but as he said, they still don’t have the “feeling” he was looking for.

At this point I’ve instead 4 hours of work and ended up deciding it’s better to cut my losses short and issue a full refund. I consider this a very difficult buyer as he’s not sure what he wants.

In the past I’ve also come across other buyers with similar experiences who felt that I should only issue a partial refund as that would be fair since I’ve put a lot of work in their project.

What do you guys think? Would it be beneficial to have an option to refund 50% of the price for example? (of course after getting the green light from the buyer)

P.S. This is an exception, something I run into once every 80 orders or so.

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I would LOVE the option to provide a partial refund. Is that possible?

It really is the only fair thing to do since we as sellers have put time and effort into completing a project. Also, who is to say, the buyer doesn’t turn around and actually use the product once they’ve said they aren’t totally satisfied? As a work-at-home mom, it is very difficult for me to put the time and effort into the projects I do, just to turn around and give a full refund. It really is not fair to the seller and would NOT be accepted as a freelancer or contractor outside of Fiverr.

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