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The Fiverr App is a lifesaver


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If you haven’t downloaded the Fiverr App on your phone, I recommend doing it. If you get e-mails on your phone, you can click on their links, then the phone asks you if you want to see them in the app, click 'yes," then you can deal with clients and their annoying questions.

“Are you there?”
“Hi, do you do what your gig title says you do?”
“How long does it take?”
“What do I need to do to order?”

Thanks to the app, I no longer have to run to my computer! Remember, some buyers won’t place orders if you ignore them.

P.S. The app works great on the iPhone. Buying an iPhone was also one of the best things I’ve done in my life. Siri is like a personal butler, I talk to her all the time:

“Is it going to rain?”
“Remind me to buy Q-Tips”
“What movies are playing?”
“Call Father”

If you’re thinking of switching phones, I recommend it. Go with T-Mobile if you can, Verizon is always crowded, and if you ever buy anything there and want to return it, the salesman is forced to call the 1-800 number.

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Yes, it is such a great way to impress your customers. Some of them need urgent work so they would give it to anyone who replies faster. Thanks to this app we get the notifications in real time, which is absolutely great. Even more now, when I’ve noticed some issues with the Fiverr website, it only shows notifications/messages if I refresh the page. So yeah, Fiverr app is great! 🙂

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Same here…Even i use it when im on Bed 🙂 bcos i live in India… and some of my clients are from US, so when its a day time for them its night over here in India and it becomes difficult to respond to the Queries on the laptop/pc at that time … btw i saw your Gigs… They are really awesome… I started my career in Advertising as a Trainee Copywriter… but cudnt fit in that profile…and moreover i had passion towards Scriptwriting & Voice Overs so switched to that Industry…and Iam Happy Now 🙂

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I’m so happy you made the switch early on and not years later. Voice Over work can be very lucrative, I wish I could do it, but alas, I have a terrible voice LOL

Ironically, I love writing radios and directing talent! So I’m blessed with a great ear. I should have listened to a test that told me to go into audio production instead of advertising. Oh well, the past is the past, and I’m glad I have skills as a copywriter. It pays the bills.

P.S. You have a beautiful voice.

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Thank you so much… This is one more reason whyi love Fiverr so much… because most of the TRS Sellers like YOU are so humble and down to earth…and reply to our queries… I just cant stop admiring you guys…

Yes i did a career switch early on in my career…
But yet its about to take off… Here in India Voice Over Career is not so lucrative … because in India there is no respect for this Profession… People think what big deal in a Voice over…anybody can do it…They dont realise that we work on modulation, pitch and other aspects like the character of the voice and so on… Anyways iam Happy i chose this Profession because i love doing this…

And as they Say … Do what you Love… 🙂

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