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  1. Tried app and web, system is down for me too.
  2. Yes system down for me too, tried app and web
  3. Hopefully messages are not lost, just delayed. Otherwise it’s a total mess.
  4. One time I had a gig that was featured, had over 1 million impressions during that month. Had no impact on sales, same as month before and after. I watch for trends. on stats. Seeing which gig as more traction, try to figure why it is no closing, what I can do to get more sales.
  5. I read an article on fiverr and they get 42% of every dollar spent on the site. Started taking much more when they filed to IPO.
  6. You can’t add them directly. What you can do is make sure your gig is set for live portfolio and as you complete them they will show.
  7. It’s never happened to me. Not once. I have been compensated for every cancellation in at least the past year or more. Fiverr and Paypal have taken a new approach to all the fraudulent chargebacks. Well that is a big change that they now give the money back. I got the same response as original poster. I too had a 5 star review and glowing comments. Then I got hit with the chargeback.
  8. Pretty much what always happens. Sellers assume all risk. Fiverr takes none. You have two choices, hope that you don’t get more bad buyers or stop using fiverr. They will never assume the risk.
  9. If buyer is no longer on fiverr, they did a paypal dispute and fiverr always gives the money back and cancels your order. But they do kick the buyer off of fiverr.
  10. Check in power management settings, sometimes they hide it in there.
  11. Buyer can always refuse cancellation for false reasons as you stated. Which is why we need an option for cancellation for bad orders to distinguish between them.
  12. Have you contacted CS. The can look at it and hopefully address it. I’ve had good luck with them on a multitude of things thru the years.
  13. Just reply to the review. “I delivered ahead of delivery deadline, You did not pay for a rush order. Sorry, but if you need things in rush, please use arrange for a rush in the future.” Does two things, shows the buyer is wrong. Also reinforces that if people need a rush, they need to arrange for it first.
  14. As others have said. I just change my delivery window. As far as custom quotes, whenever I provide one I put an expiration date on it, usually very short so I don’t get an order much later and have a conflict.
  15. Congrats. Great move forward. I get the notice every month for over a year, and never get picked, so don’t feel bad if you don’t get it right away.
  16. I never even use dashboard, so it was the first time I looked at it. I usually just use manage sales. And they do tend to roll out updates by region.
  17. Where are you and what browser. I still have the option on Chrome in USA. Also my view on dashboard is a button, not a text link like you show.
  18. There is no setting for not doing multiple. It comes down to the gig description. Can be hard to enforce, but if you word it clearly, and repeat it, usually people will follow it.
  19. I had a buyer file a cancellation with CS. They got it. The reason, they didn’t like the product because I wouldn’t give the free extras they wanted. I contacted CS and they agreed the cancel was not valid after reviewing the messages and gave me the money back. So things are getting better.
  20. Even if you were paid per job, your big concerns seems to be not being able to meet the deadline. How you are paid won’t solve that issue. Option 1, don’t allow multiple jobs per order. And then set a limit on how many active orders you can have (I think that still works). Option 2, charge much more for rush, and learn to live without sleep. Option 3 - require rushes to be custom order. This will allow you to price and set time.
  21. Custom offers now defaulting to 1 revision included. Be aware to change it the drop down to select otherwise you will be offering revisions you may not have included in your offer.
  22. Since they started this nomination process, I’ve been nominated every month. They randomly look at some and if the person looking at you thinks you deserve it, you get it. I have no evidence, but I don’t believe they actually even look at all nominees. It would take way too much time. That being said, I don’t even think about it. If it ever happens, great. If not, I just keep doing great work for clients. The way things change around here, all you can do is just do a good job and not worry about the changes.
  23. Even months later and even with 5 star review buyer can do a paypal chargeback and Fiverr will take the money and you have no real recourse.
  24. My phone is automatic VPN thru Google. I don’t even really have a choice. As a seller I have yet to see an issue.
  25. I’ve notice that too. I reply to a message and sometimes it doesn’t go thru.
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