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  1. Congratulations on that & on becoming Top Rated Seller 😊
  2. I’ve never offered unlimited revisions. I’ve only offered one, and it worked fine for me. The thing is, it’s not a price for success. By offering unlimited revisions, sellers attract a certain type of buyers, which isn’t necessarily the kind of buyer they’d actually want to work with. To make things worse, the lowest possible price plus unlimited revisions are likely to put a bunch of good buyers off, because they associate that kind of offer with low quality (and, quite often, copyright infringement). There are situations when buyers look for unlimited revisions because they had bad experiences with sellers providing just one revision and very low quality, which is why they might see it as a safer option, making sure they can get a better result in the end. However, I think a safer option would be to limit them by 3 free revisions for the basic package and increase the number for the other packages. @parijatdutt - might be useful to test this until you feel like you are confident enough to only offer 1 free revision. 🙂
  3. @stefanmdesigns I agree with you to some degree, but I highly think that it depends on the type of service offered. For example if it’s something really straight forward like for me PDF editing, it’s possible that you miss certain details and since it’s on you - you must provide the revisions until it’s 100% perfect - if you want the buyer to leave with a positive review. However, there are cases when clients keep changing their mind about what their desired result is, which is why I would suggest being really clear with what the revisions will include - if offering unlimited revisions, as they might ask you to re-do everything because they simply have a new idea and therefore their instructions. This can result in an endless journey and you never know if they will be satisfied or might ask to cancel the order in the end… Been there, done that in the past with some of the gigs I had. 🙂
  4. Not all buyers leave reviews, and that’s all right. I’ve seen someone mentioning that you shouldn’t ask for a review, and I agree. However, one thing I’ve been using is leaving something like this at the end of the message that comes with my delivery: ‘‘I am looking forward to your feedback!’’ 🙂 I must mention, I did see an increase in the number of reviews per completed order once I’ve started using it. It doesn’t necessarily imply that they should leave a review, it’s more like having their opinion on the work delivered either by message or through a review.
  5. Depends on the position you apply for. For example, if you’ll be dealing with difficult customers, mention how you did it on Fiverr and how you managed to solve any issues professionally. If you’ll be working with a tight schedule or tight deadlines, explain how you managed to handle those on Fiverr. Etc. It really depends on what you’d do in your new position. Just make them believe that your experience will make you the best for the job.
  6. Well, your case is not really the one of just getting out of college and gaining some practical experience 😛
  7. It will not hurt him to try. For example, I only applied to one single job to see if Fiverr would help or not and I got it. He could try it with one position first and see how it goes. 😊
  8. Yup. It also depends on the field of work. If you are a lawyer, for example, Fiverr would definitely not benefit your CV. 😄
  9. @kevinfrederick That’s really nice of you! 😊 Well, I guess it depends on the kind of position you would apply for. In my case, when applying for a position in the field of digital marketing, I already knew that I would work on a global scale within the company, therefore I had to really emphasize on the fact that I learned how to adapt to each person’s business style, manner of speaking and what is considered professional universally, not just in my country. My current job is highly similar to what I did on Fiverr regarding communicating with people constantly, negotiating, establishing working relationships, solving problems, etc. Your experience as a freelancer will show that you are great at individual work, therefore you will not be dependent on someone else. However, you should also emphasize that working in a team is something you’d like and that’s why you are eager to find a job within a company where you can develop both professionally and personally by learning from your colleagues. Furthermore, you can say that being a freelancer helped you learn how to work with deadlines and difficult requests. As a freelancer you basically have a small business, but you do everything for yourself. From setting up your gigs and promoting them, to handling clients and working on orders in the same time. Being a freelancer on Fiverr taught you that in order to achieve great things you have to put all your efforts into understanding the clients’ needs and really invest everything in your power to build strong relationships. On a large scale, I think these are the strongest points of working on Fiverr which would seem really appealing to hiring managers. Of course your gigs matter too, so don’t forget to also include information about them. 🙂
  10. I forgot to add that you can say that you chose to be a freelancer in order to gain experience first and learn how people work all over the world. You can say that Fiverr gave you the opportunity to further develop your skills and practice what you leart in college, therefore preparing your for your next job.🙂
  11. @woofy31 That’s exactly what I thought, so when I applied for this position I only wrote Independent Contractor for Internet Sales but during the interview, I had to mention the name of the website and they were thrilled! 😃 @kevinfrederick Freelancing shows a great deal of discipline because it cannot be handled properly by everyone. With Fiverr, we can direct them to our profile and prove that our words do have a base and they are not just lies. I think it is also important to know how to ‘‘sell yourself’’ when describing the work you do/did on Fiverr. Always optimise your CV to match the skills/abilities required for the position. 😊
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