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How I Completed 50 Orders, Made Over $500 and $200 (4 orders) Pending in 6 Weeks


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First off, I know this is not the MOST successful a Fiverr seller has ever been but I think its a reasonable return, particularly as it has been my FIRST 6 weeks as a seller.
(I started in mid September, had to stop for the first 3 weeks in October and began again 3 weeks ago).

Having been a buyer, I was very familiar with how Fiverr worked. However, I have been surprised by how quickly I have managed to get “established” although I am still some distance from a full time income!

I have also been surprised by the number of orders and the value of some of these orders. Finally, I have been delighted with the number of repeat customers I have had in that time, with some buyers ordering 2,3 and even 5 times!

The key has been communication.
Communication has to be done well at all stages of orders.
Here is a breakdown of those stages and what to ask yourself at each stage:

  1. My gig descriptions - What does my gig communicate when buyers look at it, does it look professional and honest, am I offering what my buyers want at a price that is competitive?

  2. Initial contact - When a buyer contacts me, is my response quick, informative, welcoming and engaging, does my response include a call to action to encourage further communication? (No quick, 2 or 3 word responses, like I am too busy to bother with them!)

  3. Placing the order - When the order is placed, does the client know what to expect, do I know what I am expected to do? If not, why? When an order is placed, thank them for it and confirm what you are going to do and when it will be finished. If you think you will need to discuss things with them, ask them when they can do that. (e.g. If I know I will have to check parts of the order, I ask them to be sure to check their messages within a certain number of hours or even daily if its a big job).

  4. Completion of the order (Most Important) - When finished and delivering the order, have I asked the client to respond? Have I invited them to request revisions before accepting delivery? Have I asked them to give me a review? Have I given them a reason to buy from me again? (e.g. If a client has given me a big order or I think they may have regular work again, I often offer an extra 25% on their next order or a free small order). This gives them a reason to favorite my gig and to seek ME out next time, rather than searching for someone else. Finally, be sure to review them, everyone wants others to think well of them, so leaving a review of them is always a positive!

While there are no guarantees in any business, one thing I have found to work well for me is customer service. As I mentioned, having been a buyer here previously, there are many “little things” about sellers that irritated me, none more so than poor communication, so I make sure that I am never guilty of that.

If communication is difficult, because of language, time-zones or the customer is unresponsive - NEVER let it stop you from doing your best - There are solutions.

Do you need to find someone who can help with your language? There are many native speakers of different languages here, find one that can help and pay them something to help. If most of your customers are in a different time-zone, explore options to make it work by maybe changing the hours you work. (I live in GMT but split my working hours between CET (Europe) and CST (America).)
If the customer is unresponsive, perhaps you need to look at how you dealt with them in stage 2 or 3 above? Make it clear what you will need, and if you will need their input!

Hope this helps and if you have questions or I can be of any help to you, please leave a comment or send me a message, I will be happy to respond.


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Excellent Post! I’m more or less in the same boat as you, earning roughly the same amount within a similar time frame-- and deploying the same honest customer service that you mentioned. Learning and working with my clients is one of my favourite things here on Fiverr®, and I’m glad to find others doing it along side me. Inspirational!


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Thanks. The reality is that people come to Fiverr because it is known to be “cheap”. If your clients find that you also provide great service and special offers “just for them”, they will keep coming back over and over. Why would they go anywhere else when they have a “voucher” for you?

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