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  1. How to change the profile image on the Fiverr Widget / Badge. MORE -> SCALE YOUR BUSINESS -> CREATE YOUR BADGE The generated widget embed has my original/first profile avatar, not the most recent. Any idea how to edit or update this?
  2. Sorry to hear that. Have you read any books about Fiverr? It’s shocking how many people sell on Fiverr but never read about it. Good for you. I got 4,616 reviews, a few orders came from forum participation, but my Facebook Fiverr page only has 92 likes, and I don’t remember anyone ordering because they saw me on social media. Most of my orders come from search and reputation. Same. Too many people approach Fiverr as a transaction vehicle, which I empathize with if they’re not too keen setting up a website and a PayPal button… but Fiverr is spending loads of $$$ to make the site an eCommerce marketplace for services. Others looking for customers should think of it as the Amazon of freelancing. Apply the same logic to Gigs as you would an ASIN or listing on AZ. And make sure the services you’re selling are valuable at the price point.
  3. First off… if you’re only 13 and you’re needing to worry about this stuff, I think things are going to work out in the long run so don’t sweat it. @graphtersawyer and others on this thread are correct though. Have all the funds pointed to a legal guardian’s PayPal or bank account, and come tax time I’m sure (can’t remember the form #) there’s a under 18 form. Similar things are done for kids that contribute or assist with family businesses. I’m pretty sure there’s a legal hours cap technically. Best advice is once you’re earning enough money to have it matter, just consult a tax professional in your state.
  4. started happening out of the blue, somewhat randomly after they switched the seller levels to reset every 30 days. In fact, it’s happening to me right now. I also think it’s affecting the on time completion rate. I think the metric sliders that govern the algos aren’t exactly on the 30 day mark, and are purposely edged ahead a bit so you know where you need to work on before the deadline happens.
  5. Those are good plans. The first time I went on Vacation Mode I had a similar idea in place, but I found when I returned I wasn’t receiving the volume of orders I was before, and it took me months to climb back up. My positioning wasn’t too bad-- the issue wasn’t reflected in the metrics we see… but there was definetly a negative affect. Since then, I never go on Vacation Mode. If I plan to go on vacation, or away from being able to work normally… I just increase the price on all of my services to above what the normal market is, and increase the lead time on each by a few days. If/when I receive an order during that time, I have the countdown leadtime so I can still deliver on time, and a great margin! I also make a point to keep responding to messages via the mobile app. I my experience, clients generally understand and are grateful to be kept in the loop.
  6. Over the past year or so, this has been going on occasionally. Sometimes it even affects my seller level performance. If/when that is the case, I make a ticket with Fiverr Support and they look at my account. They see that I do respond within the required period and “reset” my response time clock to where it should be. This is the fault of the algorithm but it’s your responsibility to make a ticket. Fiverr support has never had an issue with fixing it, but I don’t think they can automatically “see” which or how many sellers it affects.
  7. I first heard about Fiverr® on the TWiT podcast network in relation to app developers. I visited the site, found a large community in many categories, and made an account. Without looking at the market I made a Gig™ for music lessons ( I’ve been a music instructor part time for years while I was in school ). Didn’t get any hits. I made my account in FEB 2015. In SEP 2015 I wanted to start building my copywriting and brand writing portfolio and figured Fiverr® was a great platform for it. I spent some time researching other top sellers in the Writing & Translation Category, looked at what I could provide, figured out the amount of work I could provide within a certain amount of time, and priced my Gig™ competitively for the market. As I was a new seller I focused on customer service, and a fast delivery turnover. I received my first order within hours of posting it, and have been experiencing slowly increasing revenues ever since. I earned Level 1 within weeks, and Level 2 about a month after that. Since then I’ve developed fantastic relationships with my clients and have been having a great time. From my experience, it’s all about positioning yourself in a place of value within the market of your sub categories.
  8. Hmm having difficulties uploading the PNG 10% !!!
  9. Is there a definitive difference between a “revision” and a “modification”? My package tiers and extras are scaled based on the amount of work and size of the project. (larger ones are inherently more complex, and additional drafts are likely… so the price reflects that work/hours). However, I’ve always been happy to send a modification or revise my deliveries to satisfy my clients. I view it as customer service and my product/brand being top priority… and I’ve not had an issue so far with buyers needing to keep requesting modifications. If they keep asking, it means I’m not doing my job the best I could be. I’ve had a handful of experiences where the buyer seemed like they were trying to exploit the system; but it’s usually on basic $5 orders, and they tend to request a refund straight away. I answer that issue with a mutual cancellation and be done with them. I doubt many malicious individuals would try to pull such a stunt on a larger priced order… since at the end of they day, if you deliver what’s in your Gig™ description Seller Support will back you up.
  10. @emmaki Was that bit about Karma directed at my reply on that other thread on the same topic? If it is, I’m flattered 😛 (although I might be wrong, as I’m prone to foot in mouth syndrome). I completely agree with the growing situation of sellers fearing negative reviews and buckling to cancelling after delivering work. Like @jamesbulls I also guarantee the satisfaction of my clients… probably a vestigial quality of my first aspirations as a seller here; but it seems to be working. Fiverr® as a platform seems to be growing, and there will always be assholes who try to exploit people who they deem as new or inexperienced. To an untrained eye, someone offering some kind of service for $5 might seem inexperienced. If it comes to a buyer requesting a cancellation after work has been delivered, and delivered completely, they should absolutely defend their case with CS. That said, I’ve only been working here regularly since October and haven’t had much experience with sellers wishing to take advantage. Usually, I can root out these types through messages before ordering happens… I have a quick response set up which EXPLICITLY details my Gig™ offerings per Extra price bracket. Neer-do-wells typically never respond.
  11. As a copywriter, I submit all my standard deliveries in PDF format. Either that creates some issue for the Live Portfolio system native to Fiverr® or none of my clients have clicked the “show Live Portfolio” option. Fiverr® ToS withholds the right for Fiverr® to use any delivered work as advertisement for the platform as a whole. In my letterhead with which I submit deliveries I mention that to my clients, and that I retain the use to include my delivered work as a part of my copywriting portfolio (unless they specifically request it not to be). Currently I have a portfolio of some of my work I’ve delivered on Fiverr® in a simple text PDF, and am working closely with a graphic designer/typographer colleague of mine to create a more aesthetically pleasing version. When a new potential buyer requests a sample, I just upload the PDF to them. They can decide then if they’d want to work with me. I hold my existing client reviews with great pride, and I uphold customer service as my primary objective. A fair amount of my clients are repeat buyers, and I view my reviews as more indicative of my ability than any sample could. Hope that helps. To more directly respond to your post, I would NEVER produce new work for a client that hasn’t at least met me halfway by purchasing a basic Gig™… although I do offer plenty of advice and experience with anyone who messages me, for free. I treat my clients with tremendous respect and professionalism, anyone who doesn’t at least attempt to do the same with sellers they wish to work with isn’t worth the time.
  12. Depending on the request/expectation I usually try to accommodate them. I view my basic $5 Gigs™ as 15 minutes worth of my time. If I can accomplish what the new buyer is wanting, somewhat within that window, I’ll try to provide it. I’m only a Level 2 seller, and have only been working on Fiverr® for a few months, so I still view my position as a brand building growth period. Customer service, and repeat client retention is paramount… it builds my portfolio, and each positive review helps new business. My advice is to measure the time you’ll allow yourself to work on a $5 Gig™, keeping in mind the benefit for a valuable repeat client, and try to do as much within that time window to help them out… obviously communicating with them what the $5 Gig™ entails, and which Gig™ extras would be appropriate for them. In situations like this, I keep in mind that a successful/satisfied client will likely tell their peers about the experience in their lives; and that Fiverr® as a platform is growing and gaining popularity in new markets. That means that first time Fiverr® buyers don’t necessarily know what to expect (after all, the advert they’ve heard probably says everything’s $5).
  13. I heard about Fiverr® for the first time last February (2015) on the TWiT podcast network. I immediately made an account to secure my username, and sort of left it alone for half a year. After graduating from University later that May, and getting married, then getting my feet wet in a career I thought about the service again and decided to give it a chance. I have a degree in Literature, and have always been proofing, and helping my friends and local business/brand owners with copy, so I thought I’d make a copywriting Gig… this was in September. Because I realized I had no professional experience, I based a $5 Gig™ on the work I could do in 15min, and set my standard duration to 24 hours. I started getting orders… at first on the weekends, then more and more during the week. and made level 1 within a couple of weeks, and level 2 within two months or so. Most of my Gigs™ offer the same basic services, but I made various listings in different categories, which deal with different specific things… and I slowly developed a following of repeat buyers. This I attribute to a dedication to customer service, and over delivering… making sure that all of my clients leave happy. I know have an average of 10 or so Gigs™ a week, with an average Gig™ cost of $15. A couple times a week I land a larger custom offer for a lengthy project. The best advice I can give for increasing sales early on is valuing your time intelligently, pricing your Gigs™ aggressively, deploying a very fast turnaround, and commitment to customer service. Encourage your buyers to message you before placing an order, and use the Custom Offers tool to its full potential.
  14. I agree! You’ve also made a fantastic point about the underlying importance of treating your Gigs properly. Thinking of each of your Gigs as a storefront, and professional looking business definitely strengthens it. When I look for a Gig as a buyer it takes me ages… wishing to find level 1 and 2 sellers like myself, trying to find the seller who appears might understand what I’m looking for. Impressions and Clicks aside, it’s how the seller holds and appreciates their Gig that makes me order. I’d say you run with that message! It’s an inspiration to me, at least. Cheers!
  15. Excellent Post! I’m more or less in the same boat as you, earning roughly the same amount within a similar time frame-- and deploying the same honest customer service that you mentioned. Learning and working with my clients is one of my favourite things here on Fiverr®, and I’m glad to find others doing it along side me. Inspirational! Cheers
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