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Are You a PC Gamer or Xbox Gamer...?


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Hey Guys & Galz,

Do you play games? I love gaming very much. If you do, What’s your favorite game? How many games did you play up to now? Anything related to gaming, Please share with me…!

My favorite games are NFS MW, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, Captain Claw, Halo every version 😃

My VGA is sucks so, I can’t play New Games, But I’ll buy a Gaming Computer from the money I earn here on Fiverr… 😃 Is there anyone who Die For Gaming…? 😛

Shyam - WordPress SEO Guy, Who Loves Gaming Much

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I have:

1st Gen: Magnavox Odyssey

2nd Gen: 2x Intellivision II

3rd Gen: Sega Master System, 2x NES

4th Gen: 4x Sega Genesis 2, Sega Genesis 3, Sega CD, 2x SNES

5th Gen: PS1, PS1 (small), Sega Saturn, 3x N64

6th Gen: Sega Dreamcast, 6x Game Cube, 3x PS2, 2x Xbox

7th Gen: Black Wii, 2x 360 slim (Had 4x white, sold/traded them, too many RROD)

Handhelds: Nintendo Game Boy (Transparent), Game boy Pocket, 3x Sega Game Gear, Game Boy Color, 3x GBA, 2x GBA SP, 3x DS Lite (2 broken), 2x PSP 1000,

And Mattel Aquarius computer xD

My current most used PC is quad core 3.2ghz, 6gb ram, 1tb hd, 1tb external, 1.5tb external, 500w antec earthwatts power supply, HD radeon 6770 (i think)… I took the video card out for now though, since im not playing any 3D games atm, and the fan noise is annoying.

I collect video game/computer stuff. 😛 I buy 90% nothing new though. All garage sale / freecycle / thrift store.

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PS3. I hate XBox. LOL

But I also casually collect retro games/consoles. Mostly SNES though. Best system!!! LOL

I have a decent SNES collection including a SNES in original packaging. FF2,3 original. Chronotrigger all in original boxes, bla bla. I also have Genesis stuff and Atari stuff. I think my best Genesis game is called Herzog Zwei. In original box and very rare. I also have 3 Atari 2600 consoles, including the original issue with box and a game called Vulture Attack in box. Also very rare. I have around 100 pieces, those were what came to my head as I wrote this though.

On modern stuff I play PS3 as I said. Black Ops mainly.

My PC is a 6 core 3.2 (Clocked to 3.5) with 32 gigs of Ram on an MSI board. (The only home PC board I’m aware of that you can install 32 gigs. All the bells and whistles as well. (I edit video and do VFX, so I need a decent computer).

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None of my day passes without gaming, die hard fan of game. I use PC and weekly i play xbox rather than ps3 at game parlours. My fav. games are - HITMAN, HALO, CALL OF DUTY (ALL PARTS), PRINCE OF PERSIA-THE TWO THRONES, UNREAL TOURNAMENT, NFSMW, TEAM FACTOR, this list will not be over.

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