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24-Hour Turnaround sellers: What tips/tricks have you learned?


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So about a week ago I switched all my gigs from 3-day to 24 hour turnarounds.

I’m learning that customer service takes on a special finesse, to ensure that these gigs go smoothly.

What tips and tricks have you learned that are special to providing 24-hour turnarounds?

Here’s a tip I just learned the hard way:

We’ve all had gigs where the buyer ordered more than they paid for. In a 3-day gig, you just offer them the add-ons and wait a day. A 24-hour gig doesn’t offer that luxury, because the buyer might not even check their email until the next day.

-So the trick I just learned is to always add a day to the turnaround whenever you need to add to the order.

This led me to think, 24-hr turnarounds have their own things to watch out for and deal with.

What are your tips and tricks to deal with specific 24-hr turnaround issues that crop up?

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You’re making a rod for your own back with this, and overthinking “strategies” to combat it is a waste of time, in my opinion.

Take advantage of the extra fast delivery gig extra, and you can charge for 24h delivery. Even at just $5, you’ve effectively doubled your pay. I would recommend charging the maximum, because that makes buyers more thoughtful about their purchase (providing details, being attentive to messages and so on).

Or do it your way–if you don’t have too many orders to fulfill, then you’ll be fine, just with a clock ticking away loudly when buyer error/life being a pain (death, accident, illness etc.) happens, and it will. But if you start getting a lot of orders, you’re going to burn out, and no amount of strategy can solve that.

Just use the gig extra and get the extra money.

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This isn’t necessarily true. I’ve been offering 24 hour delivery on one of my gigs for over a year. Besides mutual cancellations, I haven’t experienced any problems. Now, the gig has 2k reviews and I’ve delivered 100% of orders on time.

The basic $5 gig acts as a gateway to much higher value orders (particularly in my niche).

Instead of asking others for advice, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have the flexibility to deliver within 24 hours consistently (weekends included)?
  • Are your order requirements clearly defined?
  • Are you able to handle a huge influx of orders - all within 24 hours?

If you answer ‘no’ to any of them, revert your gig to a three day turnaround.
If you answer ‘yes’ to them all, keep going and, potentially, watch your gig soar. 🙂

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I used to offer two-day turnaround with 24-hour delivery for $10 extra. I got very, very few express gigs.

To encourage higher orders, I tried offering clients an extra 10 minutes plus 24-hour delivery when they ordered express, and I saw a small increase in the number of clients who took that offer.

And then I went to 24-hour express delivery as the default for all my orders, and I got a very positive response. For me, in my sales category, speed of delivery counts for a lot more than anything else.

And like @mrproofreading said, it’s opened the door for larger orders. Once a buyer starts buying, the buyer is more likely to continue buying, and this has helped me sell more of my $25 and $45 gig extras than I was selling before.

And like @mrproofreading said, if your schedule can handle fast turn-around and the possibility of a large quantity of work falling on your lap, it’s a good way to go

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I have 24-h delivery for my basic gig, and I’m happy with it. I think it also depends on each seller lifestyle. I’m studying a masters degree, and spend most of the day at home in front of the computer. So, when an order comes, that precise moment is as good as any other to start working on it. Most times, I deliver within a couple of hours.

Probably, things would be different if I got tons of orders, but I don’t. Also, I think that most buyers wouldn’t pay extra for a fast delivery, but they choose me because I offer it for free, and some become repeat buyers.

I only get a little stress when some clients kind of cheat the system, ordering big translations via multiple basic gigs, instead of choosing the extras, and I have to deliver something like 5 x basic gig in 24 hours. But it’s not too often.

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exactly, I also offer 3 or 4 days delivery and the 1 day fast delivery is $ 20 extra for my gigs, I know it’s a lot but the thing is if I am at work all day and let’s say I stay out after work and I come home at 11 or 12 then if I have a fast delivery extra ordered I’m going to have to stay up and do it, so it’s gonna cost 😛 having said that, 90% of the time I deliver in less than 24. I found that my only limitation is when the client isn’t very clear about what they want so in this case it becomes a lot of back and forth messages, for this reason I now ask in my gigs to be as specific as you can when ordering, this sometimes makes things faster.

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24-hour turnaround would be a good marketing tool to increase your gig’s click when you are free.
I do Fiverr in part-time. Last time I changed my deliver time as 24 hours before the coming long-term holiday, then I saw the clicks increased shapely from 3-5 views per day to 10-20… Then I became LEVEL ONE^-^
Then, if you cannot provide your service within 24 hours, set it as 3 days would be a good idea. In Fiverr searching system, no difference for a gig marked as 2 days or 3 days.
See below, only 4 kind of deliver time listed in Fiverr’s searching system…
Delivery Time
Up to 24 hours
Up to 3 days
Up to 7 days
So just leave more spare time for your business.
And finally, I think that long-time online status would be very important to improve your gig views and sales. because in the search page, there is one option to click, “Show Online Seller”. Fiverr encough seller to go online as long as they can.

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I personally can t do an order in 24 hours : I, I mean I can but its not same as when I have two days. For example one of my GIGs is book covers, and I have like in past 5 months I have on it I think 18 sales or something, and 5.0 rating, but at that specific GIG, none of my sale wasn t $5, and not in 24 hours, I need a time to talk with a writer read summary and get tuned with their vision, then it takes me like an hour to give them image from their head. I see you all guys have like a bunch of sales…so any advice on how to do that same thing in short time without tuning with people? 😑 and still guess what they want…?

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