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Found 14 results

  1. So in Fiverr's Terms of service it says that gigs may be removed for "...Copyright Infringement, Trademark Infringement, and violation of a third party's terms of service...". Also, in Fiverr's video editing subcategory there's a "type" option that's called "Gaming videos", with over 7,000 gigs. There's also lots of Youtube videos with gaming videos, so the game companies probably don't mind people posting their gaming videos there. But the gaming companies will own the rights (copyrights/trademark rights) to their graphics/characters. But 1) What's the rules legally about using footage from a game in a video, including if the video wouldn't be about playing the game (eg. where the rest of the video was about making and/or animating a character from that commercial game out of clay (where the character is copyrighted/trademarked to the gaming company)? 2) What about the fact that US has fair use exemptions but some other countries don't (eg. the UK has fair dealing but that's for things like reporting, or if something is a parody - what if the intended video wasn't a parody?)?
  2. So my friend recently commissioned a Seller to produce a song for an unpublished story they’ve been working on. My friend provided the lyrics but commissioned the instrumentals. After the commission was finished, the seller asked if they could post the song but my friend said that they don’t want their song posted publicly yet since the story that the song is for has yet to be published and made public either. But that the seller could post the instrumental version of it without the lyrics. The seller agreed. Now almost a few months later my friend went to check out the seller’s profile only to see that the seller has made public the lyrics version of the song they commissioned. My friend messaged the Seller asking her to take it down but the seller has been ignoring them. is there anything that could be done about this??
  3. I have had work created for me on Fiverr and I know that I own the copyright based on FIVERR's platform rules. However, should I still spend the money with Legal Zoom or another entity to register the copyright? I'm not so worried about the artist coming back as much as I am about someone trying to create or sell products with my design. I know I have the legal copyright; but I'd like to avoid any headaches of having to take someone to court to enforce my rights.
  4. Let’s say I have this original character in mind, and I decide to commission an artist to create a character design for that character. Later down the line, years later, I decide to make an official work of fiction, and have an artist work for me to draw character designs, including the one I commissioned from an artist years ago. Does the original artist who was commissioned to draw that character design own the copyright to that depiction of the character design?
  5. Hi, Suppose we pay an artist to make a design. After that we use it, only after checking on google REVERSE IMAGE SEARCH for any copyright images like it, after some time, someone claims a copyright that design was similar to their design (not same but similar like color changes etc), Who will be considered at fault ? Us or artist whom we paid on fivrr ? Thanks!
  6. Hello community! I'll be asking an artist for some designs that I'll be using on a brand material. As I want to be sure that the created materials will not be used besides my brand, do you have some tip or template regarding copyright agreement? I hope to have made my question clear. Thank you so much
  7. A buyer ordered for a website. And i did made him the website. But after sometime because of misunderstanding between us the order was cancelled. But he still have the website. And i had worked a lot on it. So ultimately he got the website for free. I have access to the GitHub repository where the website is hosted. He first saw my sample website, which was my personal website. and he wanted a similar one. So his website and mine looks similar. So now i want my work back. What can i do ? Do i still own the copyright of the website ? The website: http://pipipapipo.com repository: https://github.com/pipipapipo/test_web
  8. What if I will blur pictures as at different platforms they made, so they can't be use. Cause blurred pictures looks much better that just placeholder. Can this be considered as reason to deny? Anyone ? What do you think?
  9. Would it be legal for me to get a song to be redone with new tone? IOW, if I wanted to turn (example: Amazing Grace) from gospel to rock/upbeat musical theme - would that be legal to do? I wanted to use some older songs on non-profit organizations use. I don't think profit or non profit really matters on copyright songs, am I correct? Any of you musical/music sellers here?
  10. So I wanted to ask that someone copied my gig description although thumbnail pictures are different so if I report his gig for copyrights violation will it effect my accont too or I can report without any fear?
  11. This forum is full of tips & advice for new sellers by new sellers, who are yet to make a single sale or show any signs of success. They mention 10 buyer requests every day, staying online 24/7 (which is a running joke at this point), being active in the forum, sharing your gigs with your friends and family through social media, and all the other nonsense. My question is, what about the actual service you provide? What about the gig quality, communication skills, customer service, work ethic, and personal virtues? What about the actual foundation upon which you are building your business? Sure, some of these tricks might land you a sale or two, but for how long? Some time ago I created a post in the forum titled "Any% permanent account termination speedrunning scene" in which I used satire to bring attention to sellers who go out of their way to infringe on other sellers' copyrights, misrepresent their identity or break the TOS in any other creative way. Unfortunately, I have to go back to this subject. It has become a routine for me to check my niche for gigs who are shamelessly stealing my gig photos or my gig description. Sometimes, they steal a little bit and sometimes I have to wonder if my eyesight is not getting worse because I swear I can see my gig double in the search results. So far I had to take down 15 gigs and 8 profiles of sellers who do not grasp the concept of intellectual property. And let me tell you, it takes time that I would rather spend on something more productive. If you're a new seller who's just starting out, forget about the tips & tricks and focus on your foundation. This will save me and countless other sellers, who take their work seriously a lot of precious time. There's no need to steal content that does not belong to you, you can do better than that. Here's a reminder from fiverr: Gigs and/or users may be removed by Fiverr from the Site for violations of these Terms of Service and/or our Community Standards, which may include (but are not limited to) the following violations and/or materials: Copyright Infringement, Trademark Infringement, and violation of a third party's terms of service reported through our Intellectual Property Claims Policy. Intentional copies of Gigs Spam, nonsense, or violent or deceptive Gigs (I wish this was implemented in the forums as well) Exceedingly low quality Gigs
  12. Does this mean that I have the right to use sold work in my portfolio? Or post them in my own profiles in social media and streaming platforms? (If the sold work doesn't contain anything that is provided by the buyer) I'm a seller.
  13. A customer after buying my Gig (PDF) liked it very much and now wants to buy the copyright from me for 200$. So I have 4 concerns: 1-I don't know how to write this kind of document. 2-How do I do this within fiverr and for this amount of money? 3-I have to remove my Gig from Fiverr? 4-What will happen to those who previously bought these Gig files from me with resale license? ¡¡¡¡Can someone please help me !!!! Note: The PDF file I sold to other customers consists of 60 pages, but this customer's I added 15 pages with other designs that no one else has and that I have not sold to anyone else. So I guess that makes it different...
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