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  1. Hello friends.I dont know why fiverr won’t promote me to Top Rated even after meeting up with requirents. Any reason?
  2. Its a business principle! Saddly, that is the reality of things. I have been served the same menu too and had to swallow it and move on. Thanks for your contribution!
  3. Yes, CS cares about the order because customer is always right! Its only annoying when some dubious buyers take advantage of it. Thanks for sharing your thought!
  4. This is not true. Fiverr terms of service are clear - when a service is provided as agreed, quality of delivery is not grounds for cancelation. Otherwise, I could hire whomever I want for whatever I want and just get a refund claiming “I didn’t like it”. That’s absurd. I’ve had this happen in the past, some “smart” buyers trying to get away with it. Didn’t work. I refused cancelation, and CS sided with me. What you said is correct, but different sellers with different experiences. However, from my interactions with sellers, the pendulum always swing in the direction of the buyer. This protection is enough for any buyer who has no ulterior motive to place order after discussing with seller without thinking he would deliver a poor job. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  5. Fiverr is one of the largest job sites on earth. In such a huge market, there will be good and bad people. Therefore, it’s essential to be careful with who you work with. Freelancers are business people earning a living, helping buyers meet their project needs. Fiverr must have anticipated that people would try to game the system and has put in place Terms Of Service (TOS) to keep buyers and sellers in check. However, for some people, rules don’t matter. They would do everything to take advantage of any loophole to cheat others. After five years of working on Fiverr, I have observed three key areas some buyers take advantage of sellers for a scam. If you are a new seller on the platform, here below are four red flags to avoid being scammed on Fiverr. Promising a 5-star rating Any buyer who talked you into accepting a job at his dictated price on the promise of 5-star and an excellent review is dubious! In the first place, influencing the rating system is against the Fiverr TOS. But in any case, you should not accept a job because of a 5-star promise. Promising more jobs Are you kidding? Do you need the guru to tell you that only a quality job can guarantee you more jobs? Now, the buyer who doesn’t want to pay you the right amount would push the bait of more jobs. Please don’t fall for it! A buyer should deal with you on the quality of service you render, not on the assurance of more jobs. Threatening to report you to Fiverr if you don’t accept his offer I have seen this quite a lot! Some would even boast Fiverr gig is $5 flat! Well, I know that when there is a dispute between buyer and seller, it’s mostly in favor of the buyer; this has made some dubious buyers use it against inexperienced sellers to get cheap jobs from the seller. As long as you follow Fiverr TOS, fear not! Asking for a test job I think Fiverr has secured both buyers’ and sellers’ interests in any transaction. Whether a seller likes it or not, when a buyer is not satisfied, they can get a refund. So where is test job coming from? The Truth is the dubious buyers use this method to get a professional job done without paying for it. Imagine a buyer who needs an article written; he contacted the first seller to write a test on a given topic. After that, he moved to another proof-reader to edit the content as a test. He got his job done by moving from one seller to the other. Never accept a test job from any prospective client. If they want to work with you, let the order be placed and deal with it. Working on Fiverr is cool, and it has been my primary source of income for the past years. But, at different times, I have been scammed because I didn’t know how things work! Therefore you need to understand how the system works. As a seller, this is your job. Treat it as a business and learn how to survive on the platform. I hope this helps! Thanks for reading.
  6. I love this this! Seriously, one can’t stretch the importance of buyer-seller communication enough. I have had some buyers placed order only to return with cancellation. By following this tip, buyers can avoid needless dispute and everyone is happy.
  7. Excellent post! I like to add that buyer request should be seen as a lead generation exercise to get the buyer to contact you. You can achieve that by addressing buyer’s pain point.
  8. If you have specific questions, feel free to ask for clarification. Helpful. You are kind. Thank you!
  9. Thanks for the link explaining why gig impressions are dropping and why it doesn’t matter to a gig’s success. From the text, the Jonbaas explained that impression only shows the presence of a gig in a list of 48 other gigs that the page was refreshed. He advanced three reasons a gig might get an impression and urged that one be worried if a gig isn’t getting a click instead of troubling over impression. My question is, can a gig that didnt come up at all get clicked? Definitely no! That is why those who worried about impression are on point. Without a gig being among those 48 other gigs, there is no chance for a click! While one makes efforts to improve the gig look, catchy title, description and image, there is need to be among the 48 other gigs to get a chance for a click, which is where impression comes in. How can I get my gig to be among those 48 other gigs? That is where I need help! Thanks again.
  10. Please read rule 6. What do you mean by “in red”? Please revisit (IMG) point 2 and update your video, (PPD) point 1, (FAQ) points 1 and 5, (PRF) points 1 through 6, and the (CPM) section. When overall gig statistics (impressions, clicks and conversion) hit all time low, the indicator shows red downward arrows. If its increasing, the indicator is green in color.
  11. I hope this post is in order. I am a level two seller and I have a five year old account with over 1500 sales. But since March of 2020, my gigs performances have been sinking. I have read series of suggestions and purported solutions to gigs in crisis, but nothing has worked. At a point, someone suggested fiverr may have removed my gig from search engine (nothing you wont hear when you are in trouble; lol), I contacted CS and I was assured nothing of sort happened. I also followed the CS suggestions on possible solution, but right now, my gigs stats are all in RED! Please see the gigs here and help me if you can, thanks in advance! https://www.fiverr.com/share/oWoE5V https://www.fiverr.com/share/5bdkWz https://www.fiverr.com/share/3ewZBA https://www.fiverr.com/share/WbVY47 https://www.fiverr.com/share/XXWjGe https://www.fiverr.com/share/NWb4va https://www.fiverr.com/share/71wkRx
  12. Why would you want to block a buyer; if you have issue with them why not resolve it. This is business, a disagreement today can become cordial relationship tomorrow if you manage your differences well. my 2 cent!
  13. As much as I want to agree that its not fair to influence rating and feedback on fiverr, some things may need to be put right. first, buyer should understand the rating system and know that getting less than 5 stars is not a bad thing. But the thinking of most buyers is when its less than 5, its bad. Secondly, some buyers are in a rush to apply the big stick on their sellers. I have said in other post that the relationship between a buyer and a seller is that of cooperation to get the best out of the system, but some buyers are in a hurry to leave bad rating and feedback instead of working with the seller to get a nice job. The question is, if the seller is your employee, would you not train him/her in the way you want them to handle your job? But rather, some buyers just want to hit it hard! Buyer and seller must find a common ground to cooperate with one another and be fair in the rating and feedback system, otherwise it may mislead other buyers. If a buyer gives their rating and feedback without careful consideration to reflect the real issue, a seller can protest, in such instance a buyer may decide to review their earlier rating and feedback to reflect the true position of things. For me rating and feedback is not a punitive action, it is there to guide people to the right seller, so lets do it with caution and be humble enough to adjust things to reflect the true position of things.
  14. Yes. They are cooperators who need to work together. Thanks for sharing my view on this. Success!
  15. Good question. I just got demoted and I want my badge back. I hope you guys will help me achieve that. After that, I want to move on to achieve more and become a dependable quality article writer on fiverr. I am a focues seller, just that sometime when you dont stick with your goal ot you dont have one, you lagged! This poat ia a heada up; thanks guys for bringing it for discussion.
  16. I’m glad that my advice has been helpful to you. And I’ll be honest, your support makes me feel like my commentary on these forums has been worthwhile. I choose to post with straightforward honesty, and quite a few new sellers have vocally hated me for it. I’m glad my practical no-nonsense advice is working for sellers who care to listen. Your comments were very kind, thank you! 🙂 I sincerely believe every seller who wants to succeed needs your candid opinion on how to forge ahead on fiverr. And please don’t change, because you are helping people put food on the table when they succeed on fiverr. Thanks for being unselfish.
  17. Trending on Fiverr now is seller demotions. Sellers are being dropped from various levels because of performance including response rate, bad rating, and late order completion. As a seller, this is a welcome development because the goal is to have a strong and reliable fiverr community where quality services are expected. However, from my experience, a seller’s poor analytics is not entirely their making. Buyers too have a role to play in helping sellers meet their performance benchmark. For instance, a buyer who ordered a gig and go on holiday without provision for follow in up on the order in case the sellers has a question or not will lead to late delivery. A buyer who failed to adhered to sellers request to contact them before placing order may end up ordering a gig the seller is unable to handle.a buyet who is quick to leave bad review without a chance at revision, even when fiverr provides means of settling dispute will give a dog a bad name and a buyer who is not ready to provide the requirement for an order will give the seller a hard time processing the order. Fiverr is a community comprising buyers and sellers as people who help one another to get what they want. They should be friends and cooperate to achieve the best instead of playing the relationship like foes. It is not right for a buyer to get angry with a seller you are using for the first time if the seller did not do anything to provoke you. Imagine for a moment, if you own a business and engage employees to work for you, I think it’s your responsibility to train your staff and you won’t sack them when they made the first mistake. Yes, sellers are independent service providers and should be competent and above silky mistakes, but you need to understand that every new job demands learning and I think buyers should try to help their new seller to learn how to handle their jobs. I am in the article writing niche and I handle content cutting across different niches, my experience has shown that a niche I am handling for the first time will require some time to learn what it takes to deliver unique and quality article for that niche. A buyer that wants a long tem relationship with me will help me understand how best to deliver compelling article that will resonate with their audience. In closing dear buyers, the reason you are on Fiverr is to get quality Jon done for whatever purpose you want them. It is to your advantage to have your seller do a nice job so you can continue to use the seller and focus on other important activity of your business. Shop in around for a good seller sometime is time wasting and you dont want that because time is money. Thanks for reading I hope this makes sense. Love you all!
  18. I feel your vibe and I think fiverr has to do more than just applying blanket hammer on sellers. Many buyers are new and careless how the system works and when the erred, seller must bear the brunt. I think the CS should know that they can’t leave every decision to the algorithm to decide, some issues are pure human relations which machine is in no place to offer help. I am not against the decision to clean up the system and apply strict control to get sellers sit up, but this should not hurt sellers who are putting in the very best to make the community work as intended.
  19. I find this discussion so entertaining. Jonbaas has been so helpful to newbie and I am a beneficiary of his candid advise. I think newbies are always in a hurry to get result and I was like that too, but in the end, the wisdom of people like him are helpful. Thanks guys for adding some fire to this discussion.
  20. Awesome post! I am demoted and I understand why and your post has helped to throw light in the direction to look to remedy the situation. Fiverr is a serious business and I have resolved to do the needful to bounce back. Thanks for your timely heads up. Cheers!
  21. My goal is to be a better person, make more money, spend more time with family and see my loved ones happier.
  22. Happy New Year, wish everyone in Fiverr community a happy a prosperous 2018. Peace in the world!
  23. Content writing is essential in online business. Website owners, networkers, bloggers, and anyone involved in online marketing needs articles to engage their audience and drive more traffic. However, most article buyers on Fiverr do encounter great challenges finding the right writers for various reasons. From buyers’ commentaries and reviews, it is evident some buyers are not finding it easy locating the right article sellers for their jobs. Some buyers have even concluded that Fiverr is not the right place to look for quality articles due to their past experiences on the platform. For this reason, I decided to write the following tips to help Fiverr buyers find the right writer for their article jobs. Take time to find the right seller Most buyers do not spend the time to understand how to find the seller of their choice. If you need a quality job, you need to spend the time to locate the right seller. Don’t be in a hurry to hire a seller because they are the first that came up in your search - dig deeper!Take time to investigate who you are hiring before ordering your first gig from the seller. I sell and also buy on Fiverr. I buy services like graphics, voice over, video animation and marketing, etc. By looking through the list of sellers in my preferred niche, I will shortlist a few sellers whose profiles and activities sound convincing enough to engage in further discussion before the final decision to hire. Don’t be in a hurry If you need the article tomorrow, I suggest you contract a writer earlier. It is not advisable to put your writer under pressure to write and deliver quickly. I am not saying it is not possible to write an article under 24 hours, but doing so depend on so many factors and if in your judgment it is a difficult task, you either write it yourself or contract it earlier. Before ordering an urgent article, it is better to find out if the seller can deliver quality article within the time frame. And of course you should be ready to pay for fast delivery if the seller demands such. Know what you want Many buyers are guilty of this; they order a job without providing the topic and keywords for the article. Apart from the title and keyword, you need to give a brief on what you want and the flow of your content. When you describe what you want, and you are sure the seller understands your needs, you can rest assured of getting a quality job from the seller. Communication is important Coupled with looking for a brilliant and exceptional writer, you want a writer that is up to date on their conversation. While you may want to give the seller detail of what you need, his or her failure to respond to your discussion may frustrate your effort to get him/her to deliver a quality and unique job. Pay something commensurate It is true a basic Fiverr gig is five dollars, but when you see a job that is more than five bucks, you should pay more. Think about this, no seller delivering quality jobs would be happy putting in all the efforts to get paid $5. When you find the right seller offering what want for five bucks, take the time to give him/her a tip occasionally to encourage them to do more. There are other ways to find high profile writers on Fiverr; I believe similar topics as this have addressed many of these ideas. I did this discussion from the perspective of a Fiverr seller and also a buyer; I hope this makes some sense to you. Thanks for reading.
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