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  1. Rick and Morty. Repeatedly. Non-stop. Almost daily. Little weird.
  2. 23,406 completed orders16,417 reviews70.14% review rateA bit higher than I thought it would be!
  3. You’ve offered very detailed and helpful advice to the OP. Nice work!
  4. Well, I originally started by offering $5 per 2,500 words. Slowly, as I developed a reputation, I lowered my prices and tightened up the offering. But, if you want to retain the same pricing, you could simply offer a bit more through your service. I.e. free feedback comments, light rewriting, same-day delivery, etc. Start small and eventually you’ll hook a big fish. 🙂
  5. I have one super simple suggestion: offer a bit more for $5. Your pricing is identical to mine, but I’ve been around for 5 years and have 9k reviews on one gig. Think about it from the buyer’s pov. If the price is the same, would you gamble on a new seller, or go for a seller with a proven track record? Your work could be excellent, but it’s important to understand the drivers behind buyers’ purchasing behaviour.
  6. Very good insight! I was curious to understand more about the sub-cats in which I operate.
  7. You are wrong on this point. Only the first message sent buy a potential buyer counts for the response rate. When you are on vacation a new potential buyer can’t send you messages. Only your previous contacts can send you messages and these messages do not count for the response rate. (I use the vacation mode 10 days/month and I never receive a message from a new contact during this period). Not entirely true. If a client places a direct order without messaging, which is completed successfully, they can contact you by clicking “send seller a message”. Then, the mandatory 24 hour timer launches.
  8. How long ago did the seller deliver the order? Orders can only be reviewed for 30 days after completion.
  9. I feel this feature should probably have an “opt-in” setting on the buyer’s side. Some buyers prefer privacy.
  10. I guess it’s an option, but it doesn’t stop customers from past orders coming back and leaving a review.
  11. I’ve enjoyed reading the comments on this thread. One thing’s for sure: the changes are very polarising.
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