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I am not getting gig impressions i have post one week ago 3 gigs yet i did not get any order


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You have a few problems.

First please STOP WRITING IN ALL CAPS, it means you are screaming 🙂

But your logo gig has no picture on the front, it is a blank video. You need to fix that. And add more samples. If you hvae been doing this for 10 years surely you must have many samples that you can use (just make sure to ask your clients for permission to use their work for advertising purposes).

Also, it is not Christmas time yet, so I do not think that CHristmas greeting card gig is in demand yet. Maybe in November or December closer to Christmas it might be.

And it takes several weeks to sometimes get the first sales, so be patient. FIvver is not a job website, it is a freelancing platform, no one is gauranteed any sales. It takes time and you should also go advertise your gigs and let other people know you are selling them. STart with friends and family and let them know, post on social media and other places.

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Personally I think having a Christmas gig is OK, some people get ready for Christmas really early,
even from October. I will suggest though, you should be using your own original designs.
Free images are useful at times, but if you are a good designer, you’d want to show off your own|
original work. Same thing with your Fiverr avatar, I’m not sure if you are the young woman in the
photo, but even if it was an actual photo of yourself I think it would be better if you create your own
logo or something, just as another way to show your design skills.

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