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Top 5 Tips To Deal With Late Order Delivery

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Hi Fiverrers,

Today we want to talk about the late order delivery issue. Most of the sellers on Fiverr have faced this problem at least once. Here are some tips of how to deal with late orders and delays:

#1. Always deliver on time!

Yes, this is the main tip when dealing with late orders: try to avoid them!

First of all, evaluate your capabilities. Never promise a 2 days delivery if you are not ready to have a queue of 50 orders. Be honest to your clients: better to have a 5 days delivery and to complete the order in time than to promise the Moon and disappoint your customers.

#2. If you screwed up rule #1 - communicate!

Communicate with your customers! Talk with them, try to explain what is the reason of delay, ask them politely to wait. Be open to your customers and always be there to answer to all their questions. Being warm and welcoming to your customers and talking to them with respect and appreciation helps foster a relationship with them, and they’re likely to want to share that positive experience with others.

#3. Express your gratitude!

If you are late with delivering your order and your client is still patiently waiting for you to complete it, be thankful! Give him some sort of bonus or present, overdeliver your order or offer him a free gig. For example, when we have “very late” orders, we give our customers free submissions. This way we show our customers that we appreciate them and that we’re grateful for their patience and loyalty to us.

#4. Give your clients the right to choose.

If you feel you are simply not able to deliver the order quickly, offer your customers the right to cancel the gig and try somewhere else. We know that nobody wants to lose their customers or to disappoint them, but when you really can’t, make sure your clients won’t remain unsatisfied. Offer them cancellation, offer refund - this is the most correct solution to keep your reputation clean.

#5. Keep in mind rule #1. Deliver your orders in time. This is your key tip on your way to become a Fiverr superstar!

We hope our advice are useful for you. All of them are lessons learned by us during our long journey on Fiverr, and we believe that our recommendations will be helpful to everyone to avoid the mistakes Fiverr sellers do.

What about you? Did it happen to you to be late with delivering the order? How do you handle such situations? We would like to hear your advice 🙂


Crorkservice Team.

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I have about ten very late orders right now, because I’ve been in the hospital post c section. I told them all and only a few, maybe three, were not very nice about it.

Contact customer support if you have a legitimate reason!! They will help you!!

One buyer accused me of lying because inboxed her shortly after she cancelled, and she refused mutual cancellation. I sent customer support the message and they deleted her negative comment because they knew my situation (I emailed them the day I went into labor) and she blantantly did not want to work with me and was being rude.

So, the above tips definitely do work. More often than not, buyers understand. They’re human too. 🙂 just don’t make it a habit

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Reply to @valensija: This is it, we should never oblige our customers to wait for us too much.


Reply to @mrspanda: Totally agree. Whatever the reason of delay is, you should inform your buyers and the Customer Support about it.

P.S. Hospital? Are you OK now?


Reply to @madmoo: Our system of dealing with customers who are slow getting information is mostly the same, because I totally agree with the point that better to have cancellations than negative reviews.


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: thank you for kind words 🙂

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Guys, just wanted to share with you my recent experience regarding late orders.

One of our loyal customers had ordered multiple gigs with many extras, so that his order exceeded the amount of $100 (I tell you that just to make you realize how many orders he had), but then he disappeared for a couple of days without giving details on his order. We kept messaging him, asking for details so we could start working, but we had no answer and we had either to send him a cancellation request or to wait for him and deliver the order very late.

We had chosen the second option 🙂 The risk of leaving a client unsatisfied is more important for us than the risk of accumulating late deliveries or losing levels. We think that a company’s reputation is what matters in the end, not the badge that can be upgraded/downgraded (anyway, if you’re good, you’ll never lose your level).

The buyer had answered after all and thanked us a lot for having patience.

What would you do in such a situation?

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i had deliver my gig by pressing send and not the delivery button and now my timing clock is still running 3 days now i am on late delivery status now and my order is already delivered and my client said thanks they received my gig

so what will happen to my money for my gig that’s delivered and my client cant give a bad review cause they had get there gig in two days time so whats the outcome of this situation and i contact support center and still not resolve please reply personally

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I am waiting on a logo and the seller has only sent me one message and this was it

" just got late, sending empty project, send me request modification back "

I have sent him several messages over the last 6 hours but I have not had a reply from them they are bases in the uk same as me so its not like a time zone issue.
I have read that there are people who do scams on fiver is this one also is it true you can not get a refund just a voucher I paid via pay pal for the gig.
this is my second buy on fiver the first one was fine but this seller won’t talk or respond to messages anyone got ant advice please

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