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  1. Hello all, Can I share the YouTube video link? My new buyer doesn’t know to use google drive so that’s why I sent him a YouTube video link. How to he will use Google drive? The YouTube video link isn’t my channel. Another YouTuber made a video. How can use the Google drive link?. Does have any effect on my account. Please share with me your experiences. Thank you all
  2. Hello all, I am very happy today cause I got a label One seller budge. My Fiverr journey in being near about 1 year. My next goals to become a Level Two Seller. Thank you so much all of you.
  3. Please don’t mind all of you about my personal opinion. Actually, Boos is always right. Every brand is being upgrade their all activities and systems. So that, it’s depends on itself, How to show their activities in the world by updating. Thank you all again for putting your time in comment the section.
  4. Much better than the previous one. All brands are slowly becoming minimal in design. The next one will be Minimalist
  5. I hope Fiverr new logo! Maybe new logo better than the previous logo. What is your opinion ? 118990741_1424254907769241_2903516376942368941_o1080×716 17.1 KB
  6. I think Fiverr has been change the front. It’s reliable for me and hope so all of you
  7. Hello All, I am a new seller on Fiverr. If I share my new gigs link on Forum community. Where I mistake To edit my new gig, I don’t know but I hope my new gig is ok. I can’t see where did mistake in my new gig. Please let me know. Happy freelancing on Fiverr.Com My gig title: I will product photo editing, photo retouching with Photoshop work Thank you Rafique
  8. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. You have done all you need to do - there is no save option because it saves automatically (it did for me). That’s why if you leave the page and then go back to it, ‘No’ will still be selected. If it doesn’t stay selected, try a different browser or clear your cache. If that doesn’t work, contact CS. Thank you for your reply
  9. image1152×735 54.3 KBWhat should I do now ? Please describe this problem.
  10. Thank you so much for your tips. I had many miss concept to get more order. But after reading the post I get many things.
  11. Hi! heyfellow1, Thank you so for your great comments. I got more information about Fiverr by your comments reference. I am very proud feel after got your reply.
  12. Thank you so much for your top 5 technic and important speech.
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