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  1. Changing my bio right now, good idea! 😃 Cheers!
  2. @ravenccs Great suggestion, I will ask and see what they suggest! I would love a chance to reply to the reviews, I do think it would help. Thanks again!
  3. Thank you @ravenccs! How can I respond to the reviews? It looks like they were automatically generated and I can’t type a response as if it were a regular 5 star review.
  4. Thank you so much, I really appreciate you taking the time to help! Best of luck to you as well! 🙂
  5. Great idea, I had forgotten about that feature! Thank you!
  6. Hi! I just briefly glanced over your profile and I wondered if I might make a suggestion? I had a similar problem and found that condensing my gigs helped a bit. Also, check to see how your SEO titles are laid out on each gig. Are they optimized? There’s plenty of resources online to figure out the best wording so search engines pick up the correct keywords. Best of luck!
  7. Thanks for heading over to take a look! Those cancellations happened right around the time I left, realizing I had not properly set up Vacation Mode. However, I’ve had over 200 perfect reviews and very, very few cancellations. The cancellations are just the most recent thing that have happened, so unfortunately they show up first. Any other suggestions to help move things in the right direction?
  8. I love the trial project suggestion (#5). This is an especially good idea if you’re trying to get a logo done. By choosing a smaller, less important project for the seller to work on first, you will be able to see how well you work together. You’ll also know quickly if the seller will be able to meet your expectations when it comes time to get your logo done.
  9. After being a devoted Fiverr seller for about 2 years, I took a year long break to pursue school and travel. I left a pretty solid Fiverr business behind and put my profile in Vacation Mode. I’m back now and ready for more orders! I’ve updated my gigs, using all the new features, and tried to take a close look at my profile for anything that needs editing. I’ve posted in the forums a little as well. It’s been a couple of weeks and I’ve seen NOTHING. No messages, no orders, and barely any activity. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get the orders rolling again? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  10. Everyone’s making great points. 😄 I think besides checking the seller’s stats (ratings, response rate, etc.) it would help to have an actual conversation with them. Sometimes communication styles differ and can change the course of a gig! I’ve had customers who are perfectly nice, but if we cannot communicate well the gig will not move forward and chances are, we’ll both be frustrated. I would love it if more buyers would message me to get a feel for my work before ordering so I can answer any questions in advance. Conclusion: Ask the seller questions and see how quickly they respond and if you can easily understand what they need from you.
  11. Very nice read! Need to post this up by my computer when I’m working to keep these points in mind. Some of them are so easy to forget at times.
  12. I track my own invoices with a spreadsheet that’s set up to calculate not only each job w/ invoice # and amount, but also lets me see my hourly rate by entering time spent on each job. It holds all my customers too and tracks how much each gig is earning. POW! 🙂 I’d be happy to share.
  13. Reply to @careerplus: SERIOUSLY? I’m certain @itsyourthing doesn’t want to spend hard-earned money to help a random person with deceitful services and a fake profile picture to inflate reviews.
  14. I agree with this idea! I have done it before to another seller unfortunately. Even if they added an “Are you sure you want to order _____?” prompt after the buyer presses the order button it would be helpful.
  15. Mine is 6%. Perhaps it’s the category of gig?
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