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Visible profile feedback and other features for clients (buyers)

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Here are my suggestions on what could help sellers with their current and or potential buyers.

  1. Show client’s feedback history and its latest feedback rating

this way we will know if the client is trustworthy person with whom we can work with or if he is a scammer

  1. Introduce VIP levels for buyers

clients will take more incentive and will feel more important if they could receive benefits from their purchases

bonus for new clients and SPECIAL offers for a longterm ones

  1. Client’s average amount of $ spent on every order

  2. Cancellation rate

this may be the most important feature cos unfortunately there are ppl who scam sellers and their only aim is to get free service

  1. Permanent ban for abusive clients

this is something which will probably never come alive since Fiverr will not bite the arm that feeds them, however I would ban users who abuse sellers and Fiverr system. Needless to say, clients are those who pump up the Fiverr cashier, but we sellers are those who make it happen. We are both joined together, so if someone is abusing us and Fiverr (or vice versa) I would definitely ban him for good.

Anyway, these are my suggestions. There are probably more which could help us and buyers, but I am depleted with ideas atm 😃

Stay well fiverrs 🙂


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I am strongly in favor for number 1 and 4.
I would love to see what feedback other sellers gave my client.
Also I would love to see what the cancellation ratio is,

Not sure what you mean by levels? We already have a top buyer batch.
You can already offer bonuses or discounts to regulars. Just send them a custom offer.

Seeing an average amount spent would be weird. It would just be like seeing a seller’s average revenue per order. The seller should not care how much the buyer has spent, they should focus on their particular order. This might encourage some sketchy sellers to charge more and ripoff clients.

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Reply to @funkygfx:

VIP levels > something similar to Sellers Lvl 1, Lvl 2 and TRS where Fiverr itself (not seller) would give them discounts/bonuses for every amount of $ spent, maybe not charging 0.50$ and or % provision,… and so om. I am confident that they could come up with a system where client’s confidence (and ego for big spenders) could be boosted up which in return would tie them up to Fiverr even more since they would continue to spend their money on Fiverr rather then on other freelancing sites

Average amount of $ spent > yeah, you are probably right, however I would be quite interested to see if my potential client is a cheapskate, average joe or an excessive spender. As for being ripped off, not sure if this is possible since clients are extremely protected and all they need to do is ask for cancellation if they think they are being scammed or ripped off. Re being over charged for a service, it very simple, they just need to take a look at sellers full service and choose what they want.

The general idea of above proposals would be to equalize relationship between buyers and seller.

Anyway, feel free to suggest something else which could benefit both parties so maybe Fiverr will take our proposals into consideration.

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