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I've made it on Fiverr, I have my first copycat


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I have a speech writing gig and was researching the competition when I found a gig from a new sell that use a picture of me and paragraph from my gig. The rest of their gig looks copied from other places too, but for some reason they chose my pretty face as the picture for the gig. I’m not going to report it yet because I’m fascinated by why someone would do this. The pic isn’t that great and the paragraph doesn’t make sense with the other stuff they copied from other people. Why would they do this? How are they going to make money from an incoherent gig description with a crappy picture of a very handsome man in a Walmart suit? I contacted the person and hope I hear back, I’m really just fascinated by it. However, if they get even one order, it will be the only $4 they make on this site.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Can anyone give me insight into whatever this person is doing?

My gig:


Copycat Gig:


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Guest peppermint_wish

Reply to @heyjoe421: it’s easy to understand why: some people lack basic imagination to how to word and advertise the gig. It’s also easier to press 3 buttons [ctrl +C/V] and voila! the gig description is done!

clearly, their gig [assuming they do offer one and was lazy to create something original] will be VERY different than the copied gigs.

another reason would be… they hope their gig would start selling, seeing they copied successful sellers. congrats for that 😉

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