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Late Delivery when the order in dispute

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Greetings everyone, 

I've an order ongoing which is now 10 hours late. About 16 hours before the deadline I asked the client to accept the time extension, client agreed that they'll accept it later on but since then the client is offline.

Now I'm worried if its going to effect my profile or what. I'm sure if the client comes online then they'll surely accept it but when they will accept it then will I get the negative impact of the late status on order? Let's say the timer is showing 20 hours late order then the client comes online and accepts the extension request, will I get the late delivery negative hit?

I guess it's quite common issue so this thread might help others too. 


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6 hours ago, sheepkiller07 said:

will I get the late delivery negative hit?

Once your order appears as a late delivery, the account was already hit by a late delivery penalty. So it's already too late. The client needs to accept your extension before the order goes late. Now if he accepts the extension, you will have a new deadline, then your account can end up getting hit by a late delivery penalty again, if you don't end up delivering on time.

Another thing to point out for your current situation.. In 24 hours after your order goes late, the order becomes very late and the client can go ahead and cancel the order, they do have that right. Not saying they will do it, but it's definitely a posibility and something you should know.

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