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How to get more POSITIVE REVIEWS through customer service!


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Through the relatively short time I’ve offered my voice-over gig on Fiverr I’ve been able to gain 34 positive reviews on my gig! This isn’t just because I offer a good service (which I do), but it’s because I also ask for it. All you have to do is ask ladies and gentlemen! It doesn’t work all the time, but a closed mouth doesn’t get fed.

This is an example of what I copy and paste into my delivery section:

"Thank you for your order!

Please pass my name along, and collect my gig, if you like my work! I would also really appreciate 5 Stars (or an awesome review) for this gig as it really helps boost my ratings! Fiverr is how I make my living, and I hope to continue growing on this site, so I can record for you again in the future!


Micah Brown

If you need any customer service, please Private Message me through the “view discussion” link at the bottom of this page - Please DO NOT respond here as I will not see it. Also note: free edits are always offered if I made mistake. If you would like to change your script, please order again

PS - I would LOVE to see or hear your final product! If possible, please let me know how to do that!"

This has helped me immensely, and I know it will help you out! It gives you a very professional, yet personal feel that is a must for GREAT customer service. It also makes it much more likely for your buyer to not post a negative review, but instead speak with you about any possible revisions. I go the extra mile as well offering my clients extras that others charge for that don’t take up too much more of my time. I’ve gained a lot of info by purchasing gigs that are both successful and similar to mine so I can see how they handle a buyer. (Don’t plagiarize, but be inspired!)

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If you over-deliver and do your work good you shouldn’t have to ask for a review.

If client feels they have gotten moneys worth and more they’ll give you a review.

Copy-pasting professional and personal feel doesn’t sound that personal to me. How about writing something gig-specific? Or is it too time consuming?

Just asking, I don’t want to bully you. Hope you don’t mind.

Best of luck to all of us!


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Nice that you have found something that works for you. I personally would never ask for a review since I think it’s not the right thing to do to beg. It should be the buyers choice! But I do follow up with my clients if they have not left a review to make sure that everything was to their satisfaction and that they were happy with my service.

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Guest havardh

Reply to @socialsuperr
I have NEVER asked any of my clients to leave a review. Well, there are many clients who don’t leave reviews and there are some who leave. I am not planning to ask my clients to leave review. I think its their choice and preference. As @annai80 said, its like begging clients. All what i ensure is their Satisfaction. Total satisfaction with my gig. But if its working on your side, that’s great.

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