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What should I do to my extra gigs need honest guidance



I am a level 02 seller and I have 14 active gigs but according to Fiverr level 02 can only make 10 gigs. I have still 14 gigs online but I am unable to get orders from any giig since new level system is released. Should I delete those 4 gigs?  What should I do my success score and other key metrics are fine 

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Congratulations on being a Level 2 seller!

You're correct that Level 2 sellers are limited to 10 active gigs. Having 14 active gigs might be causing the issue with receiving orders.

Here's what you can do:

1. Review your gigs: Assess your 14 gigs and identify the top-performing ones (based on views, orders, and revenue).
2. Prioritize and delete: Delete the 4 lowest-performing gigs to comply with the Level 2 limit. This will help you focus on your best-selling services.
3. Consolidate or merge: Consider consolidating similar gigs or merging them into a single, more comprehensive gig.
4. Optimize remaining gigs: Ensure your remaining 10 gigs are optimized with relevant keywords, attractive titles, and compelling descriptions to attract clients.
5. Monitor and adjust: Keep a close eye on your gig performance and adjust your strategies as needed to maintain your success score and key metrics.

By taking these steps, you'll be able to comply with the Level 2 limitations while maintaining a strong presence on Fiverr.

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