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Does editing gig again and again impact the gig impressions badly



Hello, I have a gig on fiverr and the impressions of that gig is around 1000+ which is still some good to me as my other gig literally have no impressions. But the problem with this gig is that it has very less clicks and orders so I was wondering that might be because of the thumbnail of that gig, as now I realised that it is a little unprofessional. The only thing that makes my gig currently clickable are the 5 star ratings so I was thinking of changing the Gig's thumbnail and I also wanted to improve the Gig's description as it's very short. But the problem is that I have read that editing gig harms it, and the impressions go down. And I had edited the gig around 15-20 days ago too even though after that the impact on my gig was postive as I removed a very big problem from that gig but now I feel that if I will again edit the gig, it's impressions might decrease due to editing it again and again.

Is it true that editing the gig impacts it badly or is it just a misconception?

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Editing a gig can potentially impact its performance, but it's not always a guarantee. The effect depends on various factors, such as:

1. What changes you make: Minor tweaks like updating the thumbnail or expanding the description might not significantly impact impressions. However, major changes like altering the gig's title, tags, or categories could potentially affect its visibility.
2. How often you edit: Editing a gig multiple times in a short period can raise flags with Fiverr's algorithm, potentially leading to a temporary or permanent decrease in impressions.
3. Your gig's overall quality and relevance: If your gig is high-quality, relevant, and compliant with Fiverr's policies, editing it to improve its appearance and description should not harm its performance significantly.

In your case, since you've already edited the gig 15-20 days ago and saw a positive impact, it's likely that making further improvements like updating the thumbnail and expanding the description will not harm your gig's performance drastically. However, to minimize potential risks:

1. Make targeted, minor changes: Only update the thumbnail and description, avoiding major changes to the gig's title, tags, or categories.
2. Space out your edits: Wait a reasonable amount of time (e.g., 30 days) before making additional changes to allow the algorithm to adjust.
3. Monitor your gig's performance: Keep a close eye on your gig's impressions, clicks, and orders after editing. If you notice a significant decline, consider reverting the changes or seeking Fiverr support.

Remember, the goal is to improve your gig's quality and attractiveness while minimizing potential algorithmic penalties. Good luck!

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