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Support agents do nothing about it. I’ve just discovered this forum. How is it even possible that there are similar cases from months ago and it keeps happening? I’m so annoyed, how can you let someone sign up as Fiverr Support??? It didn’t even cross my mind that one minute after registration someone called “fiverr support” isnt really fiverr support. Do something about it omg. We are losing money here. 
Your support is useless, they keep saying “Thank you for your suggestion blah blah” thats not even suggestion thats a MUST DO. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT


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Hi @sarahxabulkasim 

21 hours ago, sarahxabulkasim said:

how can you let someone sign up as Fiverr Support???

I completely understand how you feel. We are aware of this issue and we trying to put an end to it. We do not let anyone sign up as Fiverr Support. The problem is the difference between the usernames and display names. The usernames cannot be changed, whereas display names can be changed. We update the list of words that could potentially be used for phishing and that is why it is important to report issues like this to the CS or us (Fiverr Staff on the Forum). All of the relevant departments have been notified about this issue and are currently working on solving it. 

We appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention.

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