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REJECT Gig module is needed for Ethical Reasons


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It’s time that Fiverr realizes that there are a lot of unethical and evil people out there.

Case in point, I would like the talented engineers at Fiverr to create a REJECT Gig offer, with maybe a set of standard REASONS in a drop down menu (— select reason --) that being for:

Fiverr Freelancer cannot accept your gig because he/she:

  • Is too busy with existing gigs
  • Is on vacation
  • Cannot do your job for personal or ethical reasons
  • Other (use comments below)

    An immediate positive effect on this (in my opinion) can help alleviate Fiverr seller burn out. And it can help improve the bad ratings from a Fiverr not delivering the job on time, too. Both of which are “win-win” situations.

    DECEPTIVE ADVERTISING PRACTICES: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has strict rules on deceptive or misleading advertising. Case in point, we have a real estate agent asking me to create a video stating how smooth the home sale went.

    This might seem like no big deal, right? WRONG.

    Did you know, that in the U.S., it’s against the law for a REALTOR to use a fake video testimonial when in fact they never bought a home from them?

    It’s 100% mis-leading to use a video to convince other potential homebuyers to buy a home from that agent through this kind of advertising. While this might not seem like a big deal for the Fiverr freelancer producing it, the fact is, this advertising can result in fines of up to $250,000 and a jail term of up to 3 years. It’s a Class 3 Felony. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the agent can get their license suspended or revoked by the state REALTOR Commission.

    REALTORs have to abide by a very strict rule of ETHICS. If you don’t, you can risk your entire career on one stupid mistake by hiring a “guy or girl net door,” to tell the world they bought a home from you when they never did.

    Deceptive advertising is why the CEO of Enzyte went to jail. He advertised that his supplement would make a male’s part “larger” and there was no medical proof it worked. Same thing for Extenze, which I jokingly call: Pretenze. Sellers coming to Fiverr to get us to produce ads for them to sell these fake products should be told that "Sorry, we cannot do your job."

    And we should NOT BE penalized for telling them we cannot and will not work on gigs that have already been ruled on as “deceptive” from the FTC.

    Here’s one more. The idiots behind the scam, Google Money Tree went to jail and the millions of dollars they siphoned off unsuspecting customers went back to the poor people who paid for it.

    The people who helped build them up by blogging about their success of fake people named Karen and John who magically quit their jobs because the so-called work from home program was paying them $12,000 a month was pure horse crap. The FTC stepped in and arrested them. Google removed them from the directory.

    Lying to people to get money out of their wallets is not something I want to be a part of in creating advertising materials that allows that kind of “pond scum” to continue their shady business practices.

    I’ve written a few ads for the Male Enhancement products and quite frankly, I reluctantly did them because I did not want my “reject” of that job to reflect badly on my high ranking on Fiverr.

    I want to sleep at night and not worry about canceling a job and having a mad buyer lash out at me with a bad rating.

    My suggestion here is pragmatic and lets Fiverr show some responsibility to this problem by adding in a REJECT Gig feature so all Fiverr freelancers can become a public force to help police this nasty side of advertising.

    This one feature can help make Fiverr and the customers we serve a better and safer place in which to conduct business with on a fair and ethical playing field for all concerned.

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vpix360 said: I want to sleep at night and not worry about canceling a job and having a mad buyer lash out at me with a bad rating.


If you cancel an order because you are not willing to do something (or for whatever reason), the buyer CANNOT leave a rating and feedback for your Gig. Buyers can leave a rating and feedback only once the order has been delivered by you.


Therefore, you don't need to worry about this at all.


When you use the mutual cancellation option, it does not negatively affect you or the buyer. However, if you force cancellation, it does affect you.

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I agree, the agreement to provide a service in exchange for money should be an agreement in which both sides have an opportunity to review and agree upon the basic terms.

I get orders from people who don’t speak English, can’t read, and don’t understand when I tell them that what they are asking me to do is impossible and not what my gig states.

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@vpix360 I think there is much sensibility in what you are saying. I can only imagine they’re taking time at Fiverr to really think out and improve their system over time.

I’m guessing there will be changes and modifications that better the system.

The other day I had a customer who completely didn’t read the gig instructions that he bought “at all.” I went through with work that was not what I agreed to do in my gig that he didn’t read. I went out of my way to avoid the negative, but truly, why should any seller have to do work they didn’t sign up for because a buyer completely misunderstands and does not follow the gig instructions?

There are completely appropriate cancellations that merit no punishment or penalty. I think the folks at Fiverr understand this. They have all the correspondence to review between sellers and buyers and I’ve seen that they will take negatives away that are way out of line.

I imagine that I’ll get a totally unreasonable negative one day. I do like to avoid people that I can identify as trouble from the start. But if I don’t and I wind up with an unreasonable negative, if I employ great customer service and the correspondence backs up my reasonable efforts to be decent, I think there’s a good chance the negatives can get taken away.

However, it would be nice to avoid the problems from the start if we had choices simply to not deliver without penalty. Or even a set number of them, or idk. Just thinking out loud.

I agree @vpix360. I think there’s room for improvement and I can only imagine that things will get better.

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I think your the idea of rejecting a gig for ethical reasons is a great idea. I have detailed information in the description about what I will not do as a part of my voiceover gig, and people don’t always read it. Then, I have to ask them to cancel the gig and my rating is at the mercy of their cooperation.

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This is the best suggestion ever. There are many reasons (for example it can be very violet, against the law etc.) to reject a gig and yes, some people really ignore description. I think sellers deserve to be protected too. It’s not fair buyers can do whatever they want and sellers have to do their best even through it’s completely wrong.

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