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"Friendly Reminders" From Fiverr


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4 hours ago, texvox said:

I asked the Fiverr Pro team how sharing my LinkedIn with them would help them with the matchmaking process and enhance my profile and the response I received was simply "As mentioned, we need it to better match freelancers with potential clients when we are doing manual matching, as well as to enhance your seller profile."  

This is a great one! As if they ever still do "manual matching!"

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14 hours ago, emmaki said:


I read this as a way to use your professional network as a springboard to gaining market contact for the sender's - as yet - undeclared purposes. It would, in my humble opinion, be a total invasion of privacy.   

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Posted (edited)

Another question for Fiverr, who I can see is enthusiastically and actively listening and participating to this thread per usual. 

Why is CS telling sellers something that does not align with what it says in the Community Standards part of its TOS? 

What CS allegedly said to another seller: 


What the Integrity and Authenticity page says in the Feedback section:


What exactly does "unsolicited" mean here? 

PSA: The main TOS has had quite a major update. There's a new section about "Business Seller" users, for example. There's also this at the bottom:


You will note the part about the EEA "consumer favorability" - does that include reviews, then? Is that it? Is this a loophole for EU buyers/sellers to skirt the rules and get away with it?

I take the highlighted part to mean "this TOS doesn't really mean anything, we'll do what we want" and this suspicion is confirmed elsewhere by the presence of this:


So, my question is...

4) Is Fiverr actually listening and being openly transparent with us when we talk about how we don't like the platform and what it's doing and actually changing things to make life better for us (e.g. fig-leaf "mental health webinars" instead of tackling issues that sellers are specifically point out as destructive to their health) or is that just PR and marketing?

Just wondering. 

Oops, that was two questions. I have a lot more after reading the new TOS. But just for everyone else's convenience, here is the privacy policy regarding LinkedIn. This was referred to in the first email that "kindly requested" people to share details. So, this is the full details that Fiverr provides about what they will do with your LI account once you hook it up after a "friendly reminder":


OK, cool. You know what LinkedIn says? This is for apps, but I *think* it covers any kind of third-party access to blah: 


And for the EU peeps out there, there's a little extra  info: 


But it may also be something else, the "Microsoft Entra ID". https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/entra/identity/users/linkedin-user-consent. Here's a snippet from that page: 



How interesting! I wonder if MS/LI has a TOS part that says something likeimage.png.1b6e78ca982addebb59516f7c2bc59f6.png

Because it seems like Fiverr didn't follow the policy that MS say you must "provide [users] with all the information related to Data sharing and privacy with LI integration. 

Or maybe you're not using that, IDK. The problem right now is that your first email didn't tell anyone anything about the privacy policy of Fiverr


It simply refered us to find another company's privacy policy. A huge company with many privacy policies for different things. One of which says Fiverr MUST provide the information.

I'd love it if Fiverr could clear the air a bit on anything at this point. Just remember that I am in the EEA and as a customer of your website, you need to take "more favorable" interpretations for me. Or I shall invoke the Power Rangers EU on you.

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