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Bulletproof Your Inbox With 8 Fiverr Quick Response Templates

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I don't have all the answers, but a few things have worked well for me over the years.

In my work, I use 8 Quick Responses to address questions from new buyers and follow up with existing clients.

1. The first impression
This one isn't technically a quick reply. Rather, it's an auto reply that ensures that every first-time message you receive gets an adequate response. Make it a polite and informative one. If you were to message me on Fiverr right now, regardless of your time zone, you would be greeted with the following little snippet:

Hi, {username}!
Thank you for your interest in my services!
I will be with you shortly.
Please note that replies outside of business hours (Mon-Fri 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM GMT+3) may be subject to delay.
All the best,

I like to believe it establishes professionalism and manages the buyer's expectations regarding response times.

2. The out of office backup
Maintaining responsiveness is important even during off hours, if you wish to stay in Fiverr's good graces, and auto replies don't count toward your response rate. So, you need a manual response - short and straightforward, like this one:

Hi, {username},
You have reached me after hours.
Looking forwad to talking to you soon!
All the best,...

The same principles of politeness and professionalism apply here as in your auto reply. This quick response counts towards your response rate and is perfect for when you're on the move, or when that inevitable 2 A.M message hits your inbox.

Good Morning Wake Up GIF - Good Morning Wake Up Wakey Wakey GIFs


3. Confirm interest
When a potential project aligns with your expertise, let the buyer know you're interested. Here's how I kickstart these conversations:

Hi, {username}!
Thank you for your patience. I would be very interested in working with you on this project.

Remember, at this point your buyer would have already ran into your auto reply and possibly your out of office backup. Respecting their time and thanking them for their patience is not just good practice, it's good manners.

4. Follow up + Details
Sometimes, that first message you receive will be... let's say, in need of further clarification. When a buyer reaches out to you, instead of directly placing an order, more often than not, it's because your standard offering does not fully align with their needs. And that's a good thing. It allows you to start a conversation, learn more about whether what your selling matches what the buyer is looking for, and ideally provide them with a custom offer. It's a dance. A back-and-forth vetting process. Here is one way to handle such situations:

Hi, {username}!
Thank you for your patience. I am interested in working with you and would love to provide you with a custom offer.
However, I will need more details, such as a budget you are comfortable working with, your turnaround time expectations, as well as any additional information you deem relevant to your project.
This will help ensure you receive a fair and objective quote, tailored to your specific needs.

Guide your buyer through the information you need. Their replies will help you to determine whether to commit, ask for more information, or bail.

5. NOPE!
Not every opportunity is is worth pursuing. When this happens, it's okay to let go. Politely decline offers that do not align with your availability. Present the buyer with an alternative to your services and move on. Here is a graceful way to decline...

Grumpy Cat Meme GIF - Grumpy Cat Meme How About No GIFs


Hi, {username}!
Thank you for your patience. Unfortunately, your request is not something I can commit to, based on the information you have provided.
Here is what I suggest we do: Fiverr is an amazing marketplace full of diverse talent. Please feel free to shop around. I am sure you will find the perfect fit for your project in no time!

6. Confirm order
Once the deal is sealed, it doesn't hurt to reassure your buyer.

Thank you for placing your order, {username}!
I have everything I need to begin working on your recording.
I will be sure to keep you up to date on the order's progress and let you know as soon as the final material is ready.
Talk soon,...

7. Confirm order
After you complete the project, a final confirmation ensures a smooth handover.

Your order is ready, {username}!
Please review it at your leisure.
I remain at your disposal, should you require any further assistance.

8. Feedback
Feedback is gold! Express appreciation for your client's business and invite them to share their experience with your service.

Thank you for accepting the delivery {username}! I wish you a lot of joy and success with it!
It would be great if you let others and me know how satisfied you are with your order by sharing your experience in the review section. Feedback orients buyers looking for similar services and helps us freelancers improve our offerings to better serve you in the future.
All the best,...

Feel free to tweak the above templates to your own niche.

An audio version of this post is available below. 


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