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which type of video i can use my gig?


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Remember! that the video will be the face of your gig, and it's very important to make your client click on your gig. So, first of all, make sure that the video has a still image that will briefly showcase your whole service. For example, if you are a developer, have one still image in your video informing your client that you are a developer and you fix bugs or create websites (I mean your service). You can add an intro, examples of your work (portfolio), and client reviews or anything that's relates your service. But! Don't include any active links or contact info (you will be banned for sure).

When you add the video, the committee will review it and approve it if it follows the terms of regulation. When it's upload, set that still image which will be the face of your gig/service. There is an editing option above the video. Click it and set the still image as the preview. 

Additional information: Be as humble as possible to your clients in the chatbox. Clients review is very important for your business. Specially the private feedbacks you don't see. Fiverr is very strict on them. No matter what they say, never be rude to them. If a client reports your ID and you get banned, you can't reopen the ID with your own identity. This means you can not come back to Fiverr or reopen your business. If a client gets banned, he will just open another one with a different email. So, technically it'll be you who will loose. 

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