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Finally, something exciting: New Fiverr Update πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰


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1. In the new update, buyers can edit their reviews until sellers leave a review back. But the best part is that even customer support won't be able to edit reviews as they used to do in the past. Often, buyers contact customer support and change their reviews to 1-star just because sellers refuse to work on their baseless revisions after order completion. So, based on the update, even customer support won't change the review. If it's a TOS violation, then it's a different case!



2. Also, the emojis are replaced by stars (officially). Although this has been in effect for some time now, but it's finally good to hear the official announcement.


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So.. the obvious elephant in the room:

1. Nothing done about or mentioned (that I saw) regarding theΒ super secret reviewsΒ all done AFTERWORDS still implying underhanded lack of transparency. ("Psst, hey buyer, tell us how you really feel...don't worry, the seller won't know)

2. There goes your OVERALL rating by using an arbitrary number of "2 years". All your hard work will now be erased.


While some of these changes may seem like a good move, there are still shady practices that continue to go on behind the scenes.

It's ludicrous to erase your overall score that you have worked hard to build. Guess what happens to all that rank you've worked hard to get to.... you get knocked down to the lowest rank all over again.

If you get into a slump, as agents promote those who are Pro members, that leaves you in the dust.Β Β 

No... they continue to change the already established rules and standards that were just fine.

Jacking with someone's business is underhanded and ruins moral and trust in the system.

Leave it alone, it was fine a year ago.

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