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The gig video doesn't show the starting screen.


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Just now, xavierrebeiro said:

"Give me some tips and idea for building long-term client relationships and securing repeat business?"

Here some tips:

  • Every First service get client satisfactions 
  • Communicate effectively and Regularly
  • Be Honest work with your clients
  • Exceed your Clients Expectations by Providing them service
  • Keep your promises And deliver on your commitments
  • Help them make informed decisions about their Business
  • When clients gets success, congratulate them and show them your support.

    And more smalls think like your clients. 🙂

Hope it helpful.

Thank you

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Simply state that you prefer to discuss the project on Fiverr, because buyer who are genuinely interested wouldn’t mind that. Whenever I receive a suspicious link from buyer, I usually tell that that the link is broken and they should provide the briefing in other formats that is easier to access such as docx, pptx, pdf, etc. Most of the time they won’t follow up because they’re not real buyers.

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On 9/18/2023 at 5:06 PM, xavierrebeiro said:

Recently my gig showed 1st page 1st row after a few days it showed 5th row. How to improve give me some suggestions.

Are not you a "SEO Consultant, Web Developer, Digital Marketer, Photo Editor" according to your profile? Can't you figure out your own issue? You have been on Fiverr since September 2020, still you have not figured it out?

  • Your gig galleries are not impressive enough to grab buyer's attention. Improve them further
  • Definitely, the sellers of your same niches are performing better than you
  • Are your clicks and impressions dropping or increasing? Need to know this

Read the following topic: 


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Sharing Gigs on Social Media

You should share your SEO-optimized Gigs on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and select Facebook groups.

I would recommend you to join Facebook and LinkedIn groups that have 100K or more members in your job category.

Where there is a manage gigs page, you will find the option to pause or resume the gig. There is another option called Share. Click on it and share it on Social Media.

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