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"You can start selling in 5 minutes." No, I can't


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You can start selling in 5 minutes. You’ll be crazy not to try!

Not if I've got an old machine that can't run the browser software that will allow me to upload a Cover Photo and Gig Gallery, but will taunt me by giving me a simple upload button for my fiverr avatar instead the fancy Flash or HTML5 or whatever nonsense you've got for the just-mentioned pictures.

Not to mention that there isn't even a Save Draft option on the gig pages so I could save my golden prose until a later attempt. Don't you want my money, fiverr? :((

So, concrete suggestions: a simple browser upload button for the Cover Photo and Gig Gallery. This is not difficult, there is no earthly reason not to keep such a simple function backwardly compatible. If it can be done for my fiverr avatar, it can be done for any other picture upload.

Secondly, a Save Draft button for the Gig Page, please.
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